Friday, August 30, 2013

vegan skaters

this is Quinn - he lives next to People's Co Op

he hangs out hard at the co op - mainly doing his own thing

he's very head strong so I was so honored when he chose to take a 35 min nap on my lap
ran into Deanna at the Co Op and we toured the VANS

her whip is coming along... I think those are spinner hubcaps

two rad cats from my walk
skated with Jen & Lance at Commonweatlh - had to buy Lance a hot lips

I'm having my skate date with Kerry & Dan from KC walks up.
VEGAN SKATERS UNITE - we were hoping to get KLICH there too......

Kerry bashes the lip at Brooklyn Street
Dan went off to dinner with his lady while Kerry & I walked over to Gorditas

homie went for tacos and a torta - I like your style, KERRY!

Chilled at Klich & Kenny & Petey's pad for a bit
broke into the Waite Farms homemade strawberry jam for breakie

got in a video chat with ALEX about my pending visit to Vancouver
I thought 3 vegan skate nerds was pretty good, but we almost doubled it here.
 Matt Gauck, Dan Askew, little ole me, Chad Miller, Kerry Weber

some cracking up ensued with Matt & Emiko {food fight's better half}

she lost it.... something about snot coming out of Matt's nose
Dan really wanted this and if we'd had more time he would have nailed it
he got plenty of this
& had to settle for this...I'm hapy to report we both got front rocks

I'd just seen Shaun Gregoire @ Jamcouver where he helped VOX win the cash. Nollie nosepick
the BIG surprise of the morning was seeing KLICH on the job @ Ed Benedict

always good to see ya, buddy !
Sarah & Dan & I @ Canteen for late lunch - then I was off to Seattle

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