Wednesday, October 28, 2015

washington quickie

I met the man of the hour - Ernie

Iris is going a mile a minute these days..
Iris helped me harvest the tea leaves Tara sent me off with...
combined the leave with hot water into the cup Mike Crouch gave me!
Ernie really likes Zep
Brodie worked the whole time I was there so here's another of Bianca cooking !
skated Kenmore with some of Pluger's pals

quick visit with Marshall at ATS
saw this at Gravity Sports - woulda be cool to attend
I drove into the driveway of Alex's in Oly and settled in for a nap, but texted to see if he'd be home soon.. He hits me right back stating he and NIK just left 20 minutes ago for San Diego. Do I want to meet for dinner in Portland.... YOU BETCHA... so I got back on the road and headed south to Portland.....

co/wy/id quickie

Andy & I combined our wonder twin powers to bring both RICH JACOB's Krooked decks together

I was debating which to swap out for the Wade, but I couldn't decide, so I hung it low

paid Marcus a visit at work and took in his many years of collecting

he donated some much needed mags including this GSD cover from 1983
Saratoga Hot Springs in WY for a much needed soak

hit a handful of southern Idaho skateparks
ole Balancing Rock

the hot spring wasn't what I'd hoped for

but the scenery in the canyon was outstanding

Prestige had mags to donate in Boise
heading into the mountains for soak time
Kirkham was on tap for sunset

Pine Flats panoramic at dawn
looking down into the canyon you can see the steam coming off the hot spring
south fork of the Payette where one parks for Skinny Dipper

Skinny Dipper panoramic
bridge over the troubled waters of the Salmon River

this train trestle was one of the longest I'd ever witnessed heading into Washington

nebraska quickie

quick stop at Silo, then grabbed a delightful bite at Modern Love in Omaha
visited with recent SD to Omaha transplant, Fred, where he generously bestowed upon me this WADE
Jake & I @ the Burcher's

Phil, Steve, & I dug through the Precision mag archives

Tara came home from camping, made everyone a terrific breakie, & sent me off with fresh veggies

swooped into the York skatepark & EricE donated a few Big Brothers
thankfully Brandon opened up Caravan for me

it was around this time that I had an idea - that gradually began to consume me.....

Sunday, October 25, 2015

kansas quickie

I stayed the night in Hays where I witnessed Henri learn Farkel

new buddy on the street

the free massage chairs on campus hurt so good - p: Julie

mojo and me

do you see the thrill in her eyes?
back in Wichita I ate at Kind Kravings

I went big with 2 sandos !

Lucy - it's always a pleasure
Wes & Lola
ran into vert legend Corey Lawrence at Escapist

skating mission with Dan - judo kick  !

I rarely miss a chance to pet a cat

pizza party at Waldo's

Seven getting his twice daily massage from his live in massuse.
Dan on Donkey Kong JUNIOR before the show

the entire reason for driving half way across the country - Boy's Life

directly to Ed's at dawn

had to meet Austin !
quick chat and tea with ML Crouch in Lawrence

skated and chilled with JP before heading up into Nebraska