Friday, August 16, 2013

last leg

got a close look at Crooked Creek on my way out of town
was hoping to find some blueberries, but had no luck

sat in the fog next to the lake & ate lunch
horsetail on the left, bridal viel on the right - keystone canyon

close up of HORSETAIL falls

picked up taylor near Thompson Pass - it was so foggy, she opted to hitch

peace filled bar rack

and she off - headed to PALMER

I kicked it at Worthington Glacier and bit and soon passed Taylor

I can relate now...
Jon Simeon - Alaska state trooper
I'm barreling down into a river valley and I see a person crouching down above the river. My first reaction is to think that there is some wildlife to see. As I get closer I see it's an Alaska State Trooper & he looks an awful lot like BIANCA's favorite wildlife officer from the show. I tell myself that I must check it out, so I make the turn and approach the officer. Just like in the show he was surveiling fishing suspects. He was courteous and took the time for a photo, but had to get back to work. I hope I didn't blow his cover by fanning out on him. 
Brodie, Bianca, & Zep had showed me episodes while I was in KS.
this sight seemed out of the ordinary

this place I found and was hoping to see more, but it appeared abandoned.

I'm curious to know who understands where these photos were taken?

Jesse Ventura has stood on this same ground.
I was nervous being at HAARP's front door and then my spirit animal comes out of nowhere and just chills on the roadway - staring at me. It was a surreal experience.
woke up here one morning

crossed over the Continental Divide before hitting the YUKON

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