Wednesday, November 28, 2012


woke up at Channel Street Skatepark
learn more about Channel Street here

I contacted Andy and he showed up and then magically ROBBIE was there too
Beardo skates the place like he built it.

lein to tail with a view of the docks
a tale of two frontside rocks

Robbie was off to Arto's - so we headed into Pedro to the Harris Farm

out front is a work in progress, but the back is growing
Andy climbed the avo tree and sent me packing with a bagful
drove over the bridge into Long Beach
Taco Tuesday at Zephyr Veg Cafe in Long Beach. mushroom tacos!!
David Reyes was one of the 1st in line to get PRETTY SWEET

Tim @ long beach skate sold out of 20 copies in an hour

Mario Miller opened his copy for the LB Skate premiere!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Patricia - LA

linked up with Patricia on Sunday and we journeyed here

Patty's pal, OZZIE, had the connect to take us to ARTO's.

patty on the tiles in no time

phelps has one on me; I didn't get the deathbox

Patty under the grapefruit tree!

Patty took me to FONUTS - wasn't on my donut radar

they were awesome. 6 varieties were vegan and gf

patty went with banana and coconut choco covered
rode bikes out to BLAST and passed the canals on our way

to the venice skatepark
ALEX CLARK was at the park - up for the day with his pals

Alex blasts over the fence

split at pomagranite at the park
felt it on the ride home.... probably rode 10 miles easily

we made a mighty salad

Patty did a curry with broccoli and brussel sprouts

watched LORDS OF DOGTOWN before turning in
cuc, sprouts, avo, & nooch = lunch

Bear goes to the office but Pilot and Dan stayed home with me
hung out with Buddy Nichols at Six Stair

tried RAHEL in little Ethiopia for lunch

caught the buffet and it was awesome. 100% teff injera upon request
Fos was leaving, but Andrew was arriving @ Supreme

Tino Razo only took a few runs and killed it every time!

front rock in the newly resurfaced and new coping zone...


1st stop after SKATE LAB was South Bay Skates

James has an epic collection on display all over the shop
At Transitions Buddy showed me a pic of him & his ALVA in 1978

pics of HAWK that he took at DEL MAR in July 1985!

thought I get to the ocean for sunset, but this was the best I got
met Lexi at the Redondo Pier for some sightseeing

this fella wasn't bashful

Lexi was a good sport and watched me kareoke
a fireside game of Pass the Pigs
the fire pit at Starboard Attitude - Dino was a great KJ
It was too late to eat, but I vowed to return in the morning

woke up to a misty morning on PCH
IGGY POP outside of Weeman's Chronic Tacos

not the best tacos I've ever had, but I was glad I went

Mikendo joined me and we got caught up.
rode bikes with Lexi after the fog burned off

had tea and played dominos
it was a heavy session at CHERRY - Daniel & Andrew
 So I was only at Cherry Park for 30 minutes & when I rolled up Charlie was there with Chad TimTim, Stefan Attardo, & Levi Brown. 10 minutes later the Lutheran brothers showed up with Collin Provost.
the only transition at the place - p:levi brown

fellow vegan Charlie Thomas - ollie up, back 360 off the top!
met Patty @ 118 for dinner - pesto stuffed shrooms!

salads for the main course

went over to UNIT B for an AUTISM benefit - Micke Alba!!!
DIRTBAG from the high desert!
ended the night farkeling w/ Eric xxx and his gal pal LISA