Tuesday, September 16, 2014

parental advisory - polar plunge

Before we left the house, I'd been claiming we had to find a swimming hole. We saw a few ponds and small reservoirs up near the Rainbow Gathering zone. On the way back down Wolf Creek Pass, Aaron had a recollection that paid off.
"that look deep enough for a swim?"

"that's plenty deep for a swim"
sounds good....

no need to get the swim trunks wet

that's not so bad, is it?

dead body
arising from the dead p:Em Adams

holy shit, it's like I'm stepping on razor blades

that's my bro down there.....

Crouse got in for a dip as well... p:Em Adams
long time bros, just out of the swimming hole p:Em Adams

rainbow 2014.... better late than never

Back in June when it was decided that the Rainbow National Gathering would be in Utah, Aaron was freaking out. The West Fork of the Duchesne River, one of his favorite fishing locale's could be impacted by 10000 hippies running around for a week. He was up in arms. Since I couldn't (mainly just didn't go), to this year's gathering, I felt like we should go check on the remediation efforts two months after the gathering ended.
quick check of the map

moving deeper into the wilderness

Em walking back to get a shot of the half moon

through the suicide doors

Em peacin out from the back seat
p:em adams

I love shooting pics of other people shooting pics. Would Saw call me a voyeur?
this was our RAINBOW GATHERING 2014
stepping out.... p:em adams

not a bad view

Crouse had never seen these rock formations
and then we saw it, THE BLACK SHEEP of the bunch

trailer dump

double rainbow over Crouse's domicile when I rolled up bright & early

Em paid me the highest compliment by placing my smoothie in Daisy Duke

rolling out in LOLA
Crouse back on board after 2 years away. Feeling light & airy like a fairy.
Crouse's 1st look inside the abandoned mobile home up Wolf Creek Pass

flame border in the kid's room

somebody left their favorite hanger


come in here, DOUBLE SELFIE

once upon a time, there was a PRINCESS

quentin's 1st birthday memento

should have taken this to make a killer rainbow patch for punker jacket
then we were off into the off road zone, and the aspen's were turning

denver zine library

I saw this imposing imperial guard on my bike ride over to the DZL
after being in limbo land since Feb, the Denver Zine Library is relocated 2400 Curtis at the Tempe

Kelly & Dylan & I had a good chat

do it - check this video

Kelly pulling me out the copies of Infiltration

got some inspiration that I hope to utilize soon

rad flyers from past events

the current stacks

more rad flyers

open Sat/Sun from 11-3pm
checked off sandwich #5 at Beet Box = almond, beets, & cashew cream

Fox was there

my interaction with the Kremmling Kitty from the next morning on the way to Steamboat
enjoyed a great soak at Strawberry Park Hot Springs

the Yampa River outside Bambook Market Natural Foods

skated the Bear River Skatepark on the way out of Steamboat
Crouse next stop