Tuesday, October 6, 2015

chaco canyon

always wanted to visit Chaco Canyon since I was a kid

Fajada Butte is the 1st thing you notice coming into the park.

caught a walking tour of Chetro Ketl - that's a kiva that woulda had a roof on it

the timbers were dragged from a forest over 60 miles away

1st walking up on Chetro Ketl

layers upon layers

walked up the ancient staircase to see Kin Kletso from on high
a mile hike on the mesa & the aerial view of Pueblo Bonito - the largest of the structures

looking out from old Pueblo Alto to the new Pueblo Alto

the largest kiva on the premises at Casa Rinconada

the difficult to construct corner window at Pueblo Bonito

restoration work was going on at Bonito
highly recommended.........!

Monday, October 5, 2015

toward the canyon

1st stop out of the Fort was Orient Land Trust where I soaked & ate melon!

sunset's at Valley View Hot Springs are outstanding

stopped at the freebox in Crestone, CO. didn't find anything I could use.
heading further south, I stopped at the sand dunes hot pool

pay $5 extra and not have to deal with kids..... most of the pools were too hot for me
driving south into New Mexico, I crossed paths with the EarthShips

lots of domiciles under construction

and a small walking tour is set up for the inquisitive

I spotted the flowing white hair of the grandfather of Earthships, Michael Reynolds.
 watch the documentary called Garbage Warriors - here

walking down to the Rio Grande to Manby Hot Springs

see it on the river bank?

1st time to Manby and I wasn't disappointed

lots of temperature options.. this one was too cool for me

my pal Llora suggested I visit RAW to GO in Taos - best salad of the summer !
from Taos, I hiked into San Antonio Hot Springs

had it to myself for some of the evening !
next stop - Chaco Canyon

Saturday, October 3, 2015

All Hands on Deck #4

we'd been planning for months, & now the day was upon us
set up went smoothly - Bryce Kanights donated 4 photos

Grant Brittain's photos

Hyland's ghost, next to Amanda Marie (the top grosser of the online bidding) & Karl Alvarez doggie

Andy's sis, Rachael made the board on the right

Jack had the best tee of the evening !
Chris Jones and Glen from Null

the crowd was solid
Allison's diorama was insane !

Nolan Cormier checking out Lindsey Kuhn's poster art

the newleyweds won Jess' board!

it takes many dedicated volunteers to make it all work....

see Andy's post here

Thursday, September 10, 2015

back & forth to Denver

highlight of the summer

seeing Drive Like Jehu with Illya, Andy, & Glen

Jenn at Nooch with a hairless customer

another highlight - reconnecting with John Mattingly

he taught me an Austrian drinking game called hammer shlogan

participated in a rally on the anniversary of the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson

marching down Broadway - turning heads & getting honks

the lady in the wheelchair made my day

had a lovely visit with Mary

and Tom with Ed & Martha
went to the summer's only Chomp event

Joshua's recommendation at City O City
drove out through Glenwood Canyon

to check out the new Iron Mountain Hot Springs

glad I went but don't envision going back anytime soon
I prefer HOBO just down the street.
went through Leadville on the way out and met Donut from Freedom Skate Shop in Madison

Gus was with the Wisco crew

Illya took me as his plus1 to RedRocks to see Built to Spill

Built to Spill didn't see that into it.... but I loved being at Red Rocks
and this is what I worked on mostly while at Launch
 that and AHOD4 as you'll see in the next post.....