Monday, November 10, 2014

on the road

I'm currently traveling this route.
I plan to update this entry once a day until I'm back in Portland and can do full posts. 

It's currently 9:30pm 11-19-14 & I am back in Portland and the trip is over.

Kerry & I are using the hashtag #pdxtoTXtopdx  
so check that out to see other current photos

day #13 soaked at Umpqua - Kerry's first time`!

day #12 stopped in Sacto where Shawn made us chili & cornbread

day #11 drove all night & all day. arrived in LA at 6:30pm

day #10 finally took a swim in the San Marcos River. Outside temp 52, water temp 74!

day #9 ran into a roamer at #kingfest today near Spicewood, TX - Alicia from People's Coop in OB

day #8 a teary goodbye as I put Kerry on a plane bound for Mexico City in San Antonio

day #7 I'm afraid I feel guilty for getting Lorne hurt at our 1st ditch of the day in Austin.

day #6 Mr. Sieben joined us for a skate and kolaches at Capital City Bakery in Austin.

day #5 the legendary Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo

day #4 begins talking TPS reports in Denver

day #3 ate sandwiches at the Silver Seed in Ft. Collins

day #2 I kicked a foot off in Salt Lake City

day #1 farewell hugs with Klich outside Food Fight in Portland

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

in search of

Saturday means donuts at Sweet Pea
that bliss moment before the 1st bite - writing in the journal
Klich met me at Sweet Pea where we planned our skate mission. Up north we would go to Scapoose and St. Helens. Two parks that I visited on the Whirlwind tour in 2000.
Klich tapping a front tail block at Scapoose

Klich folded in two, but finally got the make/ front blunt to Smith @ St. Helens
After skating the two parks, we crossed the bridge onto Sauvie Island and went In Search Of a downed UFO along the bank of the Willamette River. In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy was one of my favorite shows as a kid. CHiPs, the Fall Guy, Dukes of Hazard, the A-Team, Hardcastle & McCormick, the Equalizer, & Magnum, PI are a few of my other favs from that time period.
first we went north, down river.... saw some rad wood snags

I might get married here.....

It was getting all marshy, so we started south again.
after what seemed like hours, we finally caught a glimpse

Klich initiating the craft - anyone know a cat that smokes?

the insides....sorta eerie

UFO and me

Klich from up on top of the craft

the raccoon tag is one you see around Portland frequently
walked the water line down, but took the road back to the van - caught a partial lift with 2 gals
the St. Johns bridge from hwy 30 to drive over...

the Steel Bridge from the St Johns bridge

Monday, November 3, 2014

Burnside Halloween 2014

Alex Foy was ripping all day - MVP in my eyes - recent LOWCARDvid

Andy Adams - underground Mexican wrestler
 my video edit of the day HERE

another edit HERE

Andy greets Brent Atchley

Brent skated most of the day.... smooth & effortlessly
local Bertleman way up there....

Cody Lockwood - fs alley oop ollie

always controversial - Fudge came as Cookiehead Jenkins in the H-Street days

Captain America was on the scene

huge barages of fireworks would be lit from time to time

Heidi as a ballerina

Kyle Knight Johnson - fsa - ftckills

Kyle wall bashing to fakie quick

Rocco - ollie up to Smith grinder

scuba Steve taking a lap
It was a hell of a day. I saw Grindline the Band perform as well... but the camera went dead much sooner than I would have liked. I left before Ben Raybourn showed up. The development next door is going non stop. It will be interesting to see how the next years' 25 year jam shakes out with new neighbors....

grabbed this off the internet... proud to see the young guns keeping the Run alive!

halloween preps

approaching the Columbia River

this is the bridge I rode my bike over a few weeks ago

back in OREGON - feels right...
first time seeing Colin wearing the headset

post Launch quarterly meeting tacos with Justin
Klich & I stopped at Burnside to see how preparations were coming along

HE-MAN themed

smoothing out some rough patches

Daniel cleaning out the perch
Red was spearheading the efforts
Ben actually slept on my lap for a while. He's mellowing...

KLICH - we have liftoff - bottle rockets entertain us

Klich made some food... in tees that matter...
Kenny swooped us up to go skating in the rain
drove to DADDY's to be denied

Kenny & Klich play a game of skate under cover

a ghostly visage of Kenny spinning

I was eliminated quite early.
Ben was lounging on my computer this evening

next morning had an avo/banana nori wrap with new friend Marc at People's
stopped in at Cal's Pharmacy before venturing under the bridge
fudge & rocco from 2 years ago - or was it 3? what would I see today?