Tuesday, October 21, 2014

farm life

I was sitting in Sweet Pea and 40 minutes later I was at Crown Point

my new pal Aaron invited me along to visit Dancing Roots farm

looking down river towards Portland

I made a new pal called Boba Fett

this was my first time playing pal with an interplanetary mercenary

also my first time playing fetch with a Star Wars character

checking one of the warm huts

Boba Fett showed us around

Sherry was the real tour guide and was donating the produce for the benefit dinner Aaron would be cooking

getting the beet picking tutorial

cut the leaves down here.....

I played a lot of ball. Boba Fett would drop the ball the second I said "release"

Sherry left and Aaron got down to work

one last check of the list

looking for the right squash for the occasion

Aaron & I got to sample some roasted squash types...
hope the event went well, Aaron... see ya soon.

Monday, October 20, 2014


the new Alberta Street skate dot is coming along....

I still am in a state of shock as to how small it is

taco fest at El Nutri

a desert I never had before at Back to Eden

Klich went with a swirl cone

Klich took me to the Daddies ramp where he tried to get me to pivot fakie the ext...

airing to fakie

couch hop
at least I can still do a wallride

had to rest on my memories of celebrating Chad's bday, as this year he went underwater

Burnside bridge making way for a barge

Curt educated me at PSU - this was called Sex Crimes

class #2 for the day was Terrorism and the Media

ROAD MAGIC - running into San Diegans Johanna & Matt @ People's

had to take them to the mini mall

Klich approves of the rough housing

moments later - asleep by each other's side - harmony restored

FunDAY Monday at Col. Summers park

I'm staying in Portland to experience this!!!! then southbound & down

Friday, October 17, 2014

north portland cat culture

Clara was in from Austin to visit Tyler, & I was just back from Vancouver.

Tyler likes to see me from time to time.

Natalie captured this moment. Tyler on the arm, Henri in the lap, Abb on the floor.
Henri was just a kitten when I first met him in JUNE.

He's growing up and is highly inquisitive. more interested in me than the ball game

right up in my face!
Abb was on patrol

Albert Wesker was trying to convince me to open the microwave

turns out the treats are kept in the microwave

organized chaos with treats sprinkled on the floor
once the cats were fed, the humans went to dinner at Proper Eats. Bad Brains tacos for me

met Miss Audrey on the way back into the house....the newest addition to the household...

and then the next morning at Kenny's house .......
Turtle and I were able to spend some QT together...
hear the lion ROAR! 

so fun to be around.....