Thursday, October 23, 2014

alex & some Caron sistas

Just when I was planning on leaving the next day to visit Alex in Olympia, I get word that he's coming to Portland.  And then on to points further south. So I left Jeff's bowl mid session to link up with Alex, Nikki, & Besh at the Paradox Cafe. Just as everything in the bay area is closed on Mondays, Sundays can be equally tricky in Portland. Jam on Hawthorne - closed at 3. Harlow - closed at 3. Luckily Paradox is open till 5 on Sunday! 

I had the pleasure of finishing off their homemade HORCHATA
she's got the reach

approaching Hawthorne
after a trip to House of Vintage, we made our way to Blue Star

they say it's bourbon infused - they always have these two

the powdered sugar variety rotates... my two choices for a snack

these photos were taken off a mirror - I can see the bliss

can you see the bliss?

Alex, Besh, & Nikki

grumpy cat on the walk back to Belmont

album cover
convinced the trio to join me for THE NAKED GUN
Will Potter was in town from DC - here with Brian from FOOD FIGHT

highlights from the film - Alex had never seen it and loved it

next up - late night Robo Tacos

the mushroom tacos with guac

fuzzy end of the evening photo - alex & nikki
I went back to the van with tentative plans to meet up for breakfast. I elected instead to start driving to Everett at 4am. And the trio went to Cougar and Brietenbush Hot Springs....Hope to see them soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Chris on his home turf - very Brooklyn Street...

Phil hooked up the session - and took a little digger

only slowed him down for a brief while

Dan watching, Chris grinding, Mike watching

turns out Phil's offspring, SILAS, is quite a snake - Phil goes after him

Klich was last to arrive and last to leave - back Smith

framed him up

Chris is a gardener - they were borrowing Phil's truck the next day for a mulch run

sometime I push the button at the right moment....Klich boosts an ollie to tail

then we moved the session over to Jeff's birdbath

Phil back tail
check out Phil's backyard HERE

Chris had it pretty well figured out
stop over at Kenny's
inter species rivalry

I was just an observer in their world
went on a short walk with Petey

in order to snap a pick of Vern's recent  work on Powell Street

service for the sick

we hung outside Commonwealth till Bryce showed up

picnic table chilling

always fun to be around Red

Kevin Kowalski

Red couldn't stand idle while the screen was going up

while Joey Martin was up on the ladder, the crowd erupted with the call for a SPEECH - Red led the chant
Bryce introducing the film

the crowd was primed, pumped, and ready

fallen soldier


this one's for Zep

Walter was on hand

why not go see it again... it was overwhelming the 1st time
I rode over to the art show at the Red & Black

then got to the White Owl to play dominos with Klich before the screening

top shelf ripping - parts start dropping on the Thrasher site later this month