Sunday, December 21, 2014

the coast

there was some talk of trying to meet Kerry at the Apple cafeteria for lunch, 
but it was raining and I charged it to Santa Cruz
Greg met me at Staff of Life - the oven was broken, so no donuts

he picked out a pin and left a pin

taught Tice how to play golf
made tacos for former Edgemonter, Eric, in Salinas

you know I found a tortilleria in Salinas

Eric is studying to a firefighter and taught me some knots
I knew the food at Esalen would be grand, but I didn't expect cat residents!

Ruby & I at Esalen
a surprise waterfall find on the way south from Esalen

in the bathroom at Skate Lab - epicness from my childhood
Lance Mountain recently donated his Pool Party trophies to Skate Lab

a portion of the magazine collection

pencil drawing of Tony Hawk with a gold tooth - so many gems in the back rooms of the Lab
the ditch I saw with my cousins as a 14y/o is actually an old movie set

western's were filmed here

28 years after 1st seeing it, I finally skated it

the spot that has made the mags - it's so rough & it's the lagoon from the Creature from the Black Lagoon
 I kicked it with my uncle for the night. We took a walk around these open space in the morning, then I took off to explore some new LA area skateparks.

shred fest

started the day at Potrero and met fellow van lifer Alex Sanchez
Alex and his beard grind the hip in the pool.

lil pop over the hip
Alex sniffed out the FlowerShop
Alex shot this of me struggling to pump around the very challenging environment

Balboa Park bowl was too soggy to skate, but we bounced around the street course
San Bruno's pink taco ditch was super fun & slick
Alex checks the wetness of the Daly City ramp

this one is for Dan Drehobl
out to North Beach to surprise Deanna at work

who woulda thought we'd be skating in the Patagonia store?

got the tour of Alex's Sprinter - it's set up NICE!!!

hanging in the back - Jesus watching over the truckers!!
Ken & I skated SoMa before his class
grabbed dinner at Gracias Madre with former Edgemonter, Adam!

we both elected for the SPECIAL - flautas....!

to the city

Saturday morning found me at the Donut Farm
Donn Streb and his recent offspring joined me

banana & apple fritters..... top notch!
found a beret at Timeless while waiting for Kerry to show up

writing postcards at Timeless
skated Soma for a bit once Kerry & I linked up in SF
next morning I was up early to take the bart out to SFO  - saw a cable car turning around

hung with Heidi who just landed from New Zealand

linked up with Kerry at went to a soggy Cow Palace DIY

finally skated the Dish after knowing about it for 28 years
view of the bay from Hunter's Point

Kerry popping off at 3rd & Army
HellaVeganEats Sunday night at Dear Mom's bar
delicious options

we both got the taco plates and a donut

Saturday, December 20, 2014

cat town cafe

I showed up at 10:20am

it was a packed house, but two folks didn't show up for their reservations

so Patty & I waltzed right in to visit 13 cats

Patty got her coffee and got to hanging with the cats

the south wall is all painted like a cityscape - can you spot Lil' Bub?
the cats played well together

Mugsy gets a scratch

this guy liked looking out the front window

straight chilling

Mugsy was my favorite
Patty chatted up the owner, but soon our time was up and we browsed the cafe
so many good paintings out in the cafe

this massive banner is in the bathroom