Sunday, November 30, 2014

eatin & skatin Austin

Kerry's RIP CLIP here
my pals Stephen & Lorne met us at the Pflugerville park
it has a fun ditch zone

Kerry ollies in the ditch

Lorne tailslides over a ledge

nollie the ditch hip
vegan nom aka rocking vegan tacos for lunch

high end tacos

Kerry loving it

Smith grind on 3" coping at Patterson mini ramp

2nd lunch aka early dinner at Shhmaltz
for a damn fine Reuben
computer time at Cenote
late dinner at Arlo's

Kerry wolfin his down in the car escaping the cold
called in a lifeline and were able to stay with Milo and Kristen

Milo is named after Milo Aukerman from the Descendents!

into Austin

toy machine sock team across the vast open expanses of Texas
busted in small town Texas and got off with a warning...
Marble Falls park is fun

some really dangerous, I mean challenging elements

Cottonwood Shores was super fun and well lit
1st stop in Austin is always Casa de Luz

Kerry had never been before.... so sheltered...but he loved it

Eleanor was playful

and kind enough to sleep with me for some of the night.

Wheatsville's new location for breakie with Red Rabbit donuts....not too impressed

went by No Comply after skating House park
caught wind of KING FEST
over to Capital City Bakery

Kolaches for everyone ` Michael & Kerry dig in

album cover with Kristen

me shooting Kerry shooting the case

Kristin's rad GB jean jacket

Cadillac Ranch

it woulda been more fun with Kelly Korte

neither of us had been to Trinidad's park

clever use for a cig butt
one of many front rocks
stopped at the 806 coming into Amarillo for some chili and a picnic

where you can de veganize the vegan chili by adding cheese
drove out east of Amarillo in the morning to find the Cadillac Ranch

it's not a national park - pick up your own trash..!

it was blowing hard and freezing cold, but we had to go

hella painted up - this is the shot I came for

Kerry muggin

this is just down the road outside a trailer park

peanut butter cups for a mid morning snack

a quick drive through Happy, TX!
caught 11:11am on 11-11-14
the memorial in 1994 was skateable. skated it with Marcus, Mike, Than, & Sessions long ago.

it's all about the glasses