Monday, August 26, 2013


I show up late & they tell Alex he has a visitor

after a quick tour of Deep Space we walked over to LEESIDE
best graffiti up @ leeside - cat with laser eyes
next morning we gather blackberries

alex shows me his personal gym

complete with rollercoaster backdrop

eye of the tiger

we meditated after his run

then a little yoga

can someone help me here? what is this pose called?
popped into Anit Social to get tickets for Street Demon premiere

walked across the street to BUDGIE's

check out PRINCE in the top right

the house routinely makes breakfast / not afraid to lick

nik trimming up the do
found one of the best little free libraries of my career - complete with community bulletin board

Alex lit up the fire pit one night & Beans joined us

unlimited blackberry supply
pretty much everyday, Alex gets a jog in at his track
biking to TEMPLE

the line was long at the sikh temple, but the food was delicious & plentiful
I'm eating at Bandida's & Alex & crew coming marching by so I joined in

went to a show in a parking garage and bombed it all night
capped off my alex on drums with Derek Wheeler
only a portion of the good times..

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