Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a tale of two bens

Taking the train w/ Ben into Manhattan to skate....

we see the HOPPS team on the train... filming with Josh for THIS
the newly updated LES skatepark
ran into Jack Sabback

chink chink grinder....

met Steve Rodriguez at the park

he suggested we both ollie the 5 stair. VIDEO
so close on the BSTS for benny boy!
josh's acai bowl recommendation!

I wish SD would honor the dead with GHOST BIKEs

James and his newly opened LABOR skate shop. close to LES park

Got out and saw one of Ryan O'Toole's bands!
took the ferry into Manhattan one morning with Ben.

i think that's the Washington Bridge

most people don't know that Steve holds down a 9-5 job.
the view from his office is SWEET. empire state building in the distance

Ben was adamant that I get my AURA read by a Chinese jeweler!

had dinner at Buddha Bodai
BEN and the AC/DC pinball machine.. CHINATOWN!


first stop from Philly was Bethlehem, PA's VEGAN TREATS
I selected a blueberry cake donut and the world class PB Bomb
From PA, I came through Staten Island and stopped to see Caroline.

I always get psyched to go over big bridges.. VERRAZANO

I met Ben and his co worker at Bliss Cafe for breakfast.
Ben got the fruity pancakes.
a jam band on the corner

pistachio smoothie @ FOOD SWINGS
RADICAL open spaces market in the park

bizarro ping pong bar

Ben told me about McCarren Park Pool recently reopening.
The wait in the long line paid off.... the pool is massive

more photos here....
bold statement

lay off the horn, fruitcake!

so stoked on the SWAPoMATIC - thanks for letting me know, TEAGEN.

easy to register and I swapped a book of mine

for a book of someone else's!  

Monday, August 27, 2012

here comes PHILLY

From DC, I headed through Baltimore and Wilmington - final destination - Philly!
Stumbled into the LAND OF KUSH for soul food.
This is where I have all the ladies get their cutz!
7th Street skatepark was epic with Zach Sheats & Kinetic's VEGAN Ben Jones
found this Caribbean East Philly spot for dinner.

My Philly hostess took me on the midnight pretzel run.

Fresh outta the oven at midnight. South Philly.

the Pretzel run puppies! always good company.

The next morning Hayley, the pups, & I hiked out to the Devil's Hole

Totally picturesque and refreshing!
nailed the backflip - VIDEO
bike rack art in Haley's Fishtown neighborhood

Philly Cheese Steak at Govinda's - shoulda got it as a wrap.

Love Park

We swung by Hayley's favorite prison.


Rocky statue

Split a gluten free cookie at Sweet Freedom!
a spicy basil cookie at GRINDCORE VEGAN COFFEE ZONE

a little reading at the .......

I checked out Green is the New Red, and have already returned it.
Hayley's cat is adorable!
BIG thanks to Hayley for having me and showing me all over!