Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kenny has landed

the BIG news is that Kenny & Turtle have landed at Edgemont!
Turtle is the 1st cat to ever live here! & the 1st cat with a bow tie in the neighborhood
Gabe tried on his new sleeping bag

Jim surprised me and we met for GOLF
it's fierce competition between us. we wagered a meal at POKEZ on the game
John heeded the call and met us on hole #5

no hair, little hair, lots of hair

Jim climbed in a bush, but came out with the victory
I knew Gerardo had a board in this show...

found a chill bike route to get down there

the night club effect
Mikey Hottman had a piece in the show

Spenser Little bent some wire

plus a bunch of local area artists that I'm not familiar with

is that a cat or a dog on the right?

famous tattoo artist on the left

Viola attempts to rescue a lost dog

Suzanne at Peace Pies

we were both amazed with our selections

big daddy Sherm holding down in the hood

I started reading a rare book at the library. And I saw Ralph

view # 1 is from the porch of Edgemont

view # 2 is from the Garner's roof - my 1st time up there!

completed the memorial for my friend Uriah & hung it in the ramp room

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

the cat cafe

I paid a visit to the newly opened Cat Cafe in downtown.

not nearly as spacious as the Oakland cat town cafe

and they had fewer cats available to chill with. 6 vs 12 in Oakland

some were sleeping

some were playful
didn't see this sign till I was leaving........ I'll be back soon

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jables & Jeff/Sally

made Jim aka Jables some soy curl tacos
hoped in his truck and went on a mission

drove through Little Italy and shot a plane

Squints spinning an Indy 360 with DAF Noah filming & Rhino shooting

Jim loved this view of the highrises
had a moment with one of my fav neighborhood cats - BUDDY!

swung by Gabriel's Tortilleria to get more corn tortillas

played a few games of SKATE with Jeffrey - just like old times - looking forward to more

room for rent at EDGEMONT _ p:jHal

what are the odds that Jeff & I would both be wearing FOOD JUSTICE Conference tees

Sally & Jeff enjoying their tacos!

Friday, January 23, 2015

stand up for Peace

been going to some local rallies in JANUARY

Cathy laying out the plan

most folks were holding anti Bonnie Dumanis signs - the DA

there is a socal Anonymous group that is active

the cops were out in force, but all remained peaceful while I was there


on MLK day, I walked & rode the 4 mile march

prepping at the City Heights library

tight murals on the way down the hill

rolling thick down Fairmount Avenue

mothers & children out in the streets!

Carolina was on the scene

the folks awaiting our arrival at the Malcolm X Library

nice orderly
more to come in the next weeks as local organizers keep the pressure on the police brutality issue