Tuesday, August 27, 2013

mt baker

it wasn't easy leaving Vancouver, but I did & set my sights on a hot spring near Mt. Baker

I used old directions and had to hike in through an obstacle course

at times I thought of Julie and her Hard Charge

right before this point I realized I could have avoided 3 miles of the hike
but no big deal. the hot spring was there, and that's always a bonus
water was quite hot for a lightweight like me

so I hiked out and had a swim in a nearby lake

a solid view of Mt Baker as I was heading south
waterfall while I was out scouting another hot spring
got up the next morning to hike to an uncertain hot spring, but both my ankles were shredded from the hike to Baker Hot Springs...... my amatuer ass hiked in sneakers with no socks and I paid the price. looks like it's gonna be flip flops only for 2 weeks. So I bailed on the hot springs, and barreled on into Seattle.

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