Friday, August 30, 2013

vegan skaters

this is Quinn - he lives next to People's Co Op

he hangs out hard at the co op - mainly doing his own thing

he's very head strong so I was so honored when he chose to take a 35 min nap on my lap
ran into Deanna at the Co Op and we toured the VANS

her whip is coming along... I think those are spinner hubcaps

two rad cats from my walk
skated with Jen & Lance at Commonweatlh - had to buy Lance a hot lips

I'm having my skate date with Kerry & Dan from KC walks up.
VEGAN SKATERS UNITE - we were hoping to get KLICH there too......

Kerry bashes the lip at Brooklyn Street
Dan went off to dinner with his lady while Kerry & I walked over to Gorditas

homie went for tacos and a torta - I like your style, KERRY!

Chilled at Klich & Kenny & Petey's pad for a bit
broke into the Waite Farms homemade strawberry jam for breakie

got in a video chat with ALEX about my pending visit to Vancouver
I thought 3 vegan skate nerds was pretty good, but we almost doubled it here.
 Matt Gauck, Dan Askew, little ole me, Chad Miller, Kerry Weber

some cracking up ensued with Matt & Emiko {food fight's better half}

she lost it.... something about snot coming out of Matt's nose
Dan really wanted this and if we'd had more time he would have nailed it
he got plenty of this
& had to settle for this...I'm hapy to report we both got front rocks

I'd just seen Shaun Gregoire @ Jamcouver where he helped VOX win the cash. Nollie nosepick
the BIG surprise of the morning was seeing KLICH on the job @ Ed Benedict

always good to see ya, buddy !
Sarah & Dan & I @ Canteen for late lunch - then I was off to Seattle

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I linked up with REVERTER at Brooklyn Street/Barry - the drummer - gets a front rock
over to Burnside - the scene was mellow... Patricia gets her licks in
Ft. Collins local - TURTLE - quick back tail
Patricia getting the lay of the land
FRANK SHAW's burnside part went LIVE on lowcard a few days prior
we got the in person FRANK demo - invert on the punk wall

frontside floater

crailslide the main wall
I skated a bit as well

over to VOODOO for a snack...this could be the next album cover

Patricia trys out the rickshaw - Barry points out some details
KLICH made a bunch of food for the band and then it was show time.
the lighting was pretty good - REVERTER was on point

Miss Kim, Patricia, & Barry nailed it in PORTLAND
I handled MERCH duties and am happy to report I did sell some records
more with this wild bunch coming up soon when I return to Vancouver

petey party

started out the morning by walking with Petey along the river

a good start to his birthday celebration
I found a free box frisbee for Petey on my walk home from the river
Amy was hyped on the party hats and sparkles

pretty sure Petey was not
But he was SUPER STOKED on his Amymade PB banana bread cake

I even wore my party hat in the bano

can't stop the fun

after scuba diving we went directly to CANTEEN for primate refuge philantropy

at first there were 6 and then there were 8 philanthropists
 AT dinner I told a story about my pink sweatshirt. Only thing was I couldn't remember the name of the actress whose ARM I grabbed in a Silver Lake vegan restaurant. We tried and tried to figure it out. I called AVS and Jen Jones, and neither could remember.... I felt like such a jackass for forgetting the punchline as it were.

we raided food fight and then went to a weiner roast at Brian & Mary;s
it wasn't til the next morning when AVS saved the day - Sarah Ramos from Parenthood
KLICH does wonders in the kitchen

Amy, Kenny, & I attended a panel discussion at the Red & Black

this gal introduced the panelists - she had ACDC flip flops

would love to go to this, but we have a FOOD FIGHT party to go to

me photographing a food reporter photographing her sando at Red & Black

had to get some Kitchen Dances so I went out to the Montvilla Frmrs Mkt
their special was a PESTO breakfast burrito
found this gem at the refuse station.....
I made my 2nd batch of pesto ever after getting sparked by Kitchen Dances
Klich was stunned by its deliciousness
stopped by UNHEARD to say HELLO

found Spencer and Johnny in a heated PONG match

took a tour of the eco roof at the Central Library

it's been growing for about 5 years 

yes, it was just me and a bunch of old ladies
not a bad view from up there - the general public doesn't have access to this viewing area