Thursday, January 28, 2016

long overdue

I've been focused on my new project these last few months....  LOOK HERE

so these pics reflect some of what I've seen since being back in CALIFORNIA.

the big news is that JEN JONES adopted two cats, Tildie and GUS

this was from my 1st visit for a meet & greet

Tildie didn't want to relinquish my flop
a few trips to POKEZ......
thanksgiving at the COVEN with Fer and Andi - Fer getting next level

right back into the mix with golfing with John on Tues mornings

Clovis, Kim, & Keith

the little free library out front of the house is being utilized

CLIMATE MARCH day in Balboa Park

Paul Schmitt took a few runs on the ramp.

Dave B on the home turf
Kristi @ Blockhead

Kristi's main squeeze - Jonas

Meredith taking her main squeeze out for a walk and some grass munching

my best ever shot of Julius
took a trip to the Morro Bay skate museum & saw something from my old job

Pizzanista in Long Beach is now open & offers loads of vegan options

my favorite spot in DIEGO - Peace Pies OB

ran into Corey & Emily at People's Co-Op

a short visit with Homer

Hosoi @ the El Gato Classic in Palm Springs

the Nude lives again - the HEYDAY

POKEZ - tofu torta challenge with Sanchez

christmas BOOGIE NIGHTS set spotting with Kerry & krew

BIG lunch at Follow your Heart

Dune interviews GONZ

MIKE V story telling at PIZZANISTA was so sweet

raising a little hell with Sarah, Jason, & Ronnie

borrowing Meredith's blender allowed for some epic smoothies
 frozen grapes - new to my world
tacos on the homefront nearly everyday. - this batch had Becca's world famous guac on top

stoked to see Ed on his board

stoked to reunite these two

beach time with Tamar
round II with Tildie & Gus