Wednesday, August 14, 2013

to Valdez

seeing this train chug by never gets old.
I filled up from the spring water flowing out of the side of the mountain!

one last look at the northbound line
stopped in Anchorage for supplies & a smoothie at Natural Pantry

I interrupted Leon, but still had a sit in his new meditation garden

stopped at a lake for a bath & got buzz bombed by the airboat family

can you see how clear that water is... ?

it never ceases to amaze me how broad some of these braided rivers systems are

glacier alert.....
a small island in Lake Louise of Alaska

I was too chicken to swim in Lake Louise of Alberta, but I took a dip here

found my piece of timber for the sign post forest here
pressed on and decided to turn right & see Valdez

I would see a handful of bike tourers each day. always impressed
no shortage of waterfalls

came out of a canyon and could see a distant glacier

it kept growing larger.....

looking like two massive glaciers split down the middle

turns out it's all just Worthington Glacier and the tendrils are called fingers
fairly big waterfall coming off the right side here if you look closely
just down the road is 27mile glacier

Thompson Pass - close to Blueberry Lake
entering Keystone Canyon - you know you're close to Valdez
bridal veil falls
high mountain falls
more falls
and then I was there....

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