Thursday, August 29, 2013


I linked up with REVERTER at Brooklyn Street/Barry - the drummer - gets a front rock
over to Burnside - the scene was mellow... Patricia gets her licks in
Ft. Collins local - TURTLE - quick back tail
Patricia getting the lay of the land
FRANK SHAW's burnside part went LIVE on lowcard a few days prior
we got the in person FRANK demo - invert on the punk wall

frontside floater

crailslide the main wall
I skated a bit as well

over to VOODOO for a snack...this could be the next album cover

Patricia trys out the rickshaw - Barry points out some details
KLICH made a bunch of food for the band and then it was show time.
the lighting was pretty good - REVERTER was on point

Miss Kim, Patricia, & Barry nailed it in PORTLAND
I handled MERCH duties and am happy to report I did sell some records
more with this wild bunch coming up soon when I return to Vancouver

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