Sunday, August 4, 2013

a tale of two hostels

I swung by the in town hostel to check the scene and chat
only Mary the caretaker was there.

most excellent picnic table out front.
BUT I'd heard about an even CRUNCHIER hostel outside of town called Seaside Farms.
I like the place already just based on the welcome sign
the main indoor bunk house

the camping meadow with a LOO with a View overlooking the sea

fire pit and chill zone for the campers

another lodging option!

inside the PAVILION - Laugh & Nurture Nature

JOURNEY made it up in the make shift outdoor kitchen

a righteous chair to sit in on the edge of the meadow
of course I sat in it!
I walked the path to the ocean and found this

lover's bungalow - where I sat and ate breakfast

totally cute & cozy for a couple

it' is Alaska after all

the view from the HIDEAWAY
I'd heard this plant stalk tastes like celery so I gave it a whirl

slice up a stalk

not so good

walk all the way to the beach, the SPIT is barely visible in the bay
Happy Trails!
And it turns out that the proprietor is Jewel's aunt Mossy. I saw her doing her rounds on an ATV. I highly recommend a stay out here if you make it to HOMER.

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