Thursday, August 29, 2013

deepsea diver

Chad sent out a request for someone to join him on the drive to

CLEAR LAKE - I accepted the offer - he brought the snacks

I never would have guessed he is a deep sea diver
He didn't get as cranky as this photo implies

I hear you get HOT in those dry suits when you aren't in the water

I would laugh every time I'd look at him with his hood on

gear and buddy check
off to the great blue yonder - that water is 41 degrees at best
those bubbles represent the air that used to be in Chad's lungs

always night to see a chihauhau out on the lake

got fairly close to a duck as I was piloting the row boat

that's right - I was Captain Marks - commander of the rowboat

my guess is that Chad is about 15 feet underwater

swimming back in after dive #2
29 miles away was this gem in Sisters, OR. Smith

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