Monday, August 26, 2013

deep space

the Astoria is the hopping kareoke spot
lots of danceable tunes

alex shut the place down with a CLASH song
Deep Space members fluidly grabbed me & scooped me up to crowd surfin at the end of ROCKY MOUNTAIN WAY

loaded up the touring bands and some Deep Spacers in the VW

yep, BEANS was with us too

mugging it up with captain Alex
the destination was Lynn Canyon - 1st the suspension bridge
you look down and see a waterfall

posted up on the twisted tree


and this is the swim and cliff jump spot in Lynn Canyon

it was packed and the water was refreshing

painted nails......

I took a few jumps

 DEEP SPACE breakfast / dreamy pesto sauce over homefries and kale

the concert in the parking garage was epic

Derek Wheeler
Dan on the scene

I watched one band from the comfort of the vanagon

another shot of Derek Wheeler

Ragechill met us at temple for the sunday meal
it was filling and we took some for later

the pro trans rally I joined for a bit - selina & nikki pictured
Menopause played a house show....

took the crew to Wallflower for poutine

used book browsing next door at Pulp Fiction
the burrito bunch at Budgies after a long Shout Back planning session
Deep Space - good people, good ideas, good vibes

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