Thursday, August 29, 2013

pdx expanded

cats everywhere!

saw Ferris Bueller in the park one night

built an acoustic guitar for my new band WAITING

hopefully this will get in gear before I leave

Try Vegan Week sandwich party was so good. I know like ruben's!
saw an anarchist speak at the Red & Black

found a Little Free Library in need of some books outside El Nutri Taco

mac & cheese at Papa G's
Kenny took us down to the Willamette to see Petey swim

took a trip on board with Yee down to BSSS

YEE blasting the stalefish
helicopter view of the ole standby


frontside slide n roll
Amy had to go right to work, so Yee & I took charge of Petey

Klich took me to the new Happy Valley park where he boosted an OLLIE
270 to feeble fakie amongst the scooters

klichie, kickie back D

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