Thursday, September 19, 2013

in bound to the fort

 I'm driving through Vernal, UT, close to the COLORADO border. I'd just seen a sign for Ray's Barber Shop, so I took that as a sign to call up Ray Bujarski and see how he's getting along. I ring him on the old home phone number and he picks up. We chat and chat and then I drive by this watermelon eating dinosaur. I swing the TRUE BLUE around the corner and jump out to take these pics as I'm still talking to Ray on the headset. Now this is a dinosaur after my own heart

1/4mile down the road I see another dinosaur
I pulled over to make some lunch

had a storm chasing me from the WEST

got to the Steamboat park before the rain
had a long soak at Strawberry Hot Springs, some of which was in the rain

this is one of the hotter pools @ Strawberry. I can't take this one for too long
thought I would soak til closing at 10pm, but left around dusk

and that moon was looking fierce
closer to town, I pulled over to take this sunset shot
slept up on RABBIT EARS PASS and got moving early

had to detour to LARAMIE cause of flood related road closures

I was impressed with the graffiti at the Laramie Skatepark

finally made it to Sweet Melissa's for lunch & chose the seitan Reuben

checked on the level of the POUDRE when I rolled into town
had a wonderful quarterly board meeting w/ the LAUNCH crew
tonight is the OLD MAN JAM that will be FUN!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

roller boogie

I failed to recall that last time Crouse & I skated he ruined his snowboarding career

so he took things slowly

Em was nervous but laced up nonetheless

testing the waters

she has pink wheels

didn't take long for the trademarked maneuvers to hit the wall

Em captured this gem

no big falls to report

except this one where Aaron went through a huge puddle
Em captured the moment

that one hurt a little, but no ankle damage was reported
all good for the couple skate

my skates & I have been together since 1991
consulting work

working on our doubles routine


it was quite a hike to get to the top of the track
 While I was in Portland it was one of my goals to get FUDGE out on the dirt jumps and shoot some photos. Sad thing is that I couldn't attain that goal. So Crouse stepped up and we got all these killer shots of what he can do on his bike.
wooden berm near the top

taking the drop

big AIR

he really likes these wallrides

he didn't complain once about walking back up the hill to get another take

only casualty at the end of the session was the crotch in his pants

farkle fever

1st night with Em & Aaron - I made dinner from FNB acquisitions

Aaron rolls by me & asks what I'm reading - "Fuck you, it's magic"
day 2 we met up at Park City Pizza Co where they played their 1st game of Farkle
we both opted for CALZONE's - they didn't quite get mine right

so I ate one, and took this replacement home for breakfast!
I coaxed Crouse out onto the dirt track - FULL BLOG soon

all three of us got in some roller boogie as well - FULL BLOG soon
we started up a heated game of FARKLE

Em made scoobie snacks before making dinner
we all loved them!
I implemented a new rule. If you roll off the table you lose the turn & get spanked

Em had a tough time controlling the dice

wasn't too long before Crouse finally took his medicine

and this time, I gave him his medicine

it was a little weird touching Aaron's wife's butt

Aaron feared the fart when he had to spank me
let's just say that the monkey brain was covered up just in time
Crouse cleaned out his cabinet for the FREE BOX

always nice to refresh the free box
and then the next morning, Crouse was off to the big city and I headed out toward Steamboat Springs