Thursday, August 22, 2013


leaving Prince George, I picked up MP & Antoine

was jonesing for a swim

found a lily pad encased pond

chilled for a bit

the water wasn't toooooo COLD

MP shared her dark chocolate with us

Antoine serenaded us down by the water
did a little rearranging in the van

blazing down the highway, we see a box truck on the side of the road

with a whole bunch of kids jamming

DEVIL IN THE WOODSHACK was letting their veg oil powered van cool down
the crowd was going nuts...dancing all around...clapping too!

they treated us to a show & Parkwood played a show for them

they were headed back to Vancouver from a gig up north

the knife juggler demonstrated

I broke out the freebox

the cellist took IN COLD BLOOD

an hour after the band, I was dropping them at their junciton
good times with the tree planters from Quebec City

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