Monday, May 19, 2014


I love it when Max takes the time to get on my back / 1st photo upon arriving in Great Bend
looks like MamaMan & Meowzers were glad to see me again
Zep was listening to a lot of Sir Mix A Lo, so I started calling Alf, Sir Alf A Lot

tuckered out pups.... Butterz & Everett
I was blessed with Bianca's divine dinners

only had a few days with Brodie before he flew away to start the new job in Everett

Aunt Mary & Don's strawberry/rhubarb/raspberry jam was out of sight

I did a poor job of smashing the SMASH POTATOs

the remnants of Zep's Christmas delivery of sodas from Galcos

every couple of days there would be a turkey on the porch
GOODBYE #1 - Brodie says so long to Everett before flying to Everett
Once we dropped Brodie off at the airport, Bianca, Iris, Zep, and I settled into life with the animals where most emphasis was on getting the house completely packed up and ready for the move.
Butterz & Bianca - this is what life is like for a single parent?

Bianca surprised me with a fitting present....

Beautiful & Babe entering the corral for some grass feeding

a serious 15 minutes of hail one night

went to the Heartland Farms open house / solar oven cookies

Iris & Bianca in the converted silo

whoops.... I broke Iris' arm on a swing at Heartland Farms

three horses joined the cows in the pasture

Brodie skipped town before making me a pie, but Bianca came through with a raw banana/coconut cream pie

Zep & Alf take a pistachio break on the outdoor lawn chair

playtime in the frontyard

at the school auditorium, a reminder to keep it down

Iris is hyped that Zep won the chess tournament

STICK PEOPLE performance  - Zep among 50 other drummers for one hell of a night of entertainment

the disco ball was bumping

tug of war - Everett's back legs aren't what they used to be

when we met this Chi,
it reminded me of Lil Larry - RIP
the Chi, Everett, & Butterz all in flight at the dog park

GOODBYE #2 - Max got a new home down the street
Zep & Bianca say farewell to Alf as I was about to take him to a new home

Sunday, May 11, 2014

liberal DODGE

I was hoping to make it into Dodge City, but it was a long day in the car and I called it quits in Liberal, KS.
the Liberal Memorial Library's facade looks like an open book~

in the library parking lot is the Official Starting Line

a couple blocks away is the finish line
the pioneer mother of Kansas
I was inspired by this flatbar to go get my board

it didn't end too well.
next morning I stopped by the Wizard of Oz museum

Dorothy's house with part of the yellow brick road

a statue to dear ole Dorothy
Anyone remember the Dalton Gang? Well, I kicked it at the hideout

cool train trestle on the way to Dodge City
Aunt Mary showed me her community garden plot
then she served me up a heaping plate of fried okra !
later that afternoon, I finished off the drive to Brodie & Bianca's......