Monday, August 19, 2013

sign post forest contribution

So let's recap.... somewhere in Alaska I realized that I could and should make a sign and install it at the SIGN POST FOREST in Lake Watson, YT. Along the way I procured 3 major components that I saw myself needing to make the sign I would be proud of.

20 miles from Lake Louise I found the main piece of wood

Christy @ the Weathered Anchor in Valdez donated the paint & brush
John @ Board Stiff in White Horse had a broken deck for me

I roll up on the sign post forest mid morning
lay out the materials
30 minutes and some bad handwriting's completed
july 2013 - Wichita, Ft. Collins, San Diego + a bird feeder & some patches

all these decals have a story

I made a clip board system to hang a "CALL ME Let's Chat" sign

and here it is hung near the stage in the center of the forest
WAITING played a show - you can barely see the sign on the far right

Lake Watson didn't know what hit em
after the show, I realized I needed to get my musical projects in there

 I know it's not the most visual pleasing piece, but I'm glad I made the effort to get involved and make my mark. I look at it as an accomplishment & perhaps my entry into the field of fine art........

I hope to share a watermelon with the Henske clan in texas

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