Thursday, August 29, 2013


Petey, Kenny, Shane & I piled in the car and headed off a new swimming hole....Moulton Falls near Battle Ground
didn't take long for Petey to get in the water

Kenny would throw a stick in the water, Petey would jump right in
Shane & I did some jumps

Kenny showed me how to hype Petey up, jump in, & he would follow
Kenny was blown away at how Petey showed no fear - the crowd wanted his autograph
go to kenny's IG to see the video - the dog was born to jump

shane dove off the high spot
me flailing
coming out of the drink..... p:kenny
I like to call this one, FADED FREDDIE!
we scoped the bridge jump for next trip & it looks crazy
fools crashed out in the back seat for the ride home

petey was pooped. follow him on IG #dapetey

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