Monday, November 23, 2015

Ed's Common Side Effects

with only two days till the exhibit closed, I rolled into HB
I'm a big Ed Templeton fan

a drawing Ed did of the time he spent in a European hospital

mostly photos, but several rad 3D pieces

Justin Regan's hairy chest


who can find Mark Waters in this barrage?
there were a few other HB artists in the show. Devon Briggs shot this one

someone else shot this fella at Umpqua Hot Springs

back in the golden state

not the golden gate, not the bay bridge, not the richmond bridge

breakfast at Donut Farm with Eric

and Patricia

Rich and his new purchase

Rich's new medium.... art by rubber stamp

Kerry made sandwiches for everyone
i'm so in love with this shot of Kerry at the East Oakland skatepark

a new era in Kerry's commuting life begins

he loves Berkeley, I'm jaded
dinner with Heidi at Gracias Madre

caught Tommy Guerrero on tour in Long Beach
ray barbee played too

Tom's cat, Bella! He couldn't believe she let me pick her up.

hadn't seen this surfer in ages......
saw Ed's latest exhibit

lunch at Mother's !
Gabe, Brandon, & I learning something at TWS

big daddy Sherm!
Gabe helped unload the result of 4 weeks on the road.... this is my world now... @lookbacklibrary

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


DAVE B kicks off Burnett's game of beam the cameraman with a Smith over

Mike was shredding in between shooting photos - check his BURNOUT here

Jeremy & Jonas Wray - double tail transfers - mike shoots, joe films

Sam Cunningham and Dave B - OG blockheads

Dan Rogers can still blast

Ron Cameron - the artist behind the brand

Dave feebles off the block & onto the steel

former Invisible rider Kristian Svitak was tearing it up

Kris Markovich took a few runs in his boots on Laban's board
Mike Burnett - spankin the tail down

it was my first time skating with Jaime Owens from TWS - see his photos HERE
Chris Lambert was on fire - so much fun to watch

Dan 5050 through the corner

can't wait to see Joe's footage of Dave's alley oop 5050 to fakie spine transfer

Mike shot this Smith over of me - p:burnett
Laban kicks a foot off over the spine

blockhead alumni - Jeremy Wray, Laban, Paul Luna, Rick Jaramillo

Sam & Rick Howard shake - I wonder when they saw each other last

team photo
after the session, we rolled to the gallery for the art show
Sam Cunningham was the first pro on Blockhead

Rick Howard & Frank Atwater

Laban & Jeremy

Rickk gets a pic of a board he once rode

Chris Lambert and Miki Vukovich

Grant Brittain and his photos with Jonas Wray looking on

Steve Clare and his family

I had Jeremy sign a couple of his monumental Thrasher covers

OG art for one of the best graphics in skateboarding

Mike points out Frank Atwater's wallriding, and nearly covers up Andy Brayman

on site screen printing of blockhead tees
one hell of a good time.....
thanks to Bull Taco for providing food and Guayaki brand YERBA MATE for beverages !