Thursday, May 31, 2012

portland keeps getting better

a traveler and the Free BOX
Blackberries on the way into HIGH ROCKS
Many trips to HIGH ROCKs. Klich leaps
My favorite downtown cart is DC Vegetarian. Homemade seitan makes this Steak & Cheese sub the best!
Baby, the house black cat, gets in the mix!

My only shot of what the Kitchen Dances cart sorta looks like.

Freeboxers at Red & Black
Klich & I battled it out in CornHole at another block party
so close, yet so far
cute kitties everywhere
discards from a certain VEGAN oriented and wonderful
This is unicorn meat from a short lived vegan cart in downtown
UPTONNatural's did a popup sandwich store at FOOD FIGHT when the VEGAN bloggers conference was in town.

I went to this event with Teagen's pal, Elaine.We met Curt and Natalie there. I think they'd come from the gala fundraiser event. You could choose from 3 different sandwiches all prepared with new varieties of the Upton Natural's seitans.  As it turns out I was so close to meeting Christy Morgan on this evening.   

Beaverton Park was pretty fun. Klich ollies the hip
I saw a pic of Marshall at Holly Farms and really wanted to skate the brick QP's
Klich makes me proud on so many levels.
it was great seeing KLICH in his school uniform and seeing the school

Eric G

Eric G and his first Voodoo vegan bucket
 After the Salmon Jam, team toe rolled into Portland. 1st night was a ramp jam at the adidas TM's house
i love saying it... he klichflipped into the ramp
Adam Crew alley oop nosegrind....

Klich front pivots on the back nine. and this
 Eric G helped us get out to WINDELL's again....We skated it all except the indoorKlich was cracking me up and pushin it hard....
Klich....long slider to fakie.... most everything on site is skateable
We went swimming after a fun afternoon skating & found the spot I'd seen in the Satellite dvd.
that's the cliff that one of the Satellite guys jumped from the top.
Klich goes for full submersion
YES>>> it's snow melt.......BRRRRRR>>!
Looks like Kenny didn't go with us.. He must have been in SD.
on his last night in PDX we got together for a STEVE CAB at Sizzle Pie

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I first met Fudge in Boulder in the early 90's. It might of been Jamaica Jim's Skatepark where I first laid eyes on him. He grew up in Vegas with Sawdust on TEAM CHEESE. He moved to north county San Diego around 2005, then more recently planted his seed in Portland. I'm always pleased as punch to spend time with him. On one hot summer day he rode his BMX over to Klich's and we piled in GOLD MEMBER for a trip to High Rocks to swim and jump and eat berries.
Fudge, Gina, & Klich
Can you see the HIGH ROCKS in the background?
I was able to score Gina & myself a slice of watermelon!

Klich eyes up the tall drop
And takes the plunge...

This flip attempt ended in a bit of pain for Klich
 From Gladstone we motored back into deep SE and stopped at the EL NUTRI TACO, It had been on my list for a long while but it's so buried in deep SE that I dare not go on my bike. This stop with the gang was a fitting end to a fine day on the river.
outdoor sitting in someone's front yard
the taco truck is parked in the driveway.
Fudge enjoyed his burrito!

prepping the sleeves
 A few months back, I tore the sleeve off one of my favorite button up shirts. I was distraught for a brief period, then realized I could simply have it made into a short sleeve shirt. I pitched the idea to Fudge and he had me over to his pad in NE to work on it. Only took a bit. Thanks, amigo!
Fudge looks right at home behind the sewing machine.
see ya next year! aka this year.....

Salmon Jam

Team Toebock was on tour in the NW and one fine day they came to OLYMPIA to put on a mini ramp jam and fish fry. Klich, Gina, Kenny, & I piled into GOLD MEMBER & journeyed NORTH to Oly to attend this annual event.
Klich nailed a front board at Longview on the way up to OLY.
I think Nelson should have won... Ollie to fakie
Eric G ollies for Team Toebock
Josh Heath took the title!
Klich killed it...front blunt on the side of the extension

Seattle legend Marshall Reid came down to MC.
I took a mid session skate around town to meet up with former San Diegan and roomie of AVS, Kerry T. Months back she promised she'd take me out for tacos and she held up her word!
Kerry was great company, but Olympian tacos aren't that great
once you drink the parking lot water, one can never leave Oly

the spring water was refreshing, but not enough to make me move to Oly.
I made my way back to the jam where the bbq was in full swing. bands playing and plenty of ripping. Rippers in attendance included Two Hawks Young, Clint Peterson, Chet Childress, Paul Sewell, and Silas Baxter Neal. We ended up taking Eric G into Portland with us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boulder Dicks invade PDX

Ultimate Phil, Fudge,..., Emag, Michael, Robbie at Battleground, WA
It's a rare thing I've come to learn that you still get to skate with buddies from 20 years ago. I lived in Colorado from 90-94 and met a handful of skate bros that I'm still in contact with today. Although I lived in Fort Collins, I spent most weekends in Boulder, skating with what would later be known as the :Boulder Dicks:. This past August, Eric Magnussen aka Emag, turned 40 and a skate trip was planned. Many were invited, but only a handful showed up to Portland for the long weekend.
Fudge's buddy, Hector ollies at Battleground

The newer park in Vancouver, WA, was next. Fudge found a transfer.
Dinner back in Portland. Fudge had other plans.

Eric G made it to Hood River for the day!
Robbie didn't have any trouble with the doorway
Ultimate Phil, our host for the weekend, slid it to fakie
fuel stop at DQ in Hood River.
a call was made and we hit the jackpot and ended up at Windell's

we all managed to blast the pole.. phil watches Emag.

phil watches Justin Hocking stranger to the streets
Phil nailed it...almost kicking a foot off!
Former Killing Machine rider, Cody Boat, happened to be there.

Emag ollies Phil
day 3 had us meeting up at Burnside

the new and most challenging pocket
Justin Hocking slings it around...

 We drove out to the Gabriel Skatepark only to find a skate camp in session/ SOTY Silas met up with us thanks to Mike's presence and we drove over to Tigard to finish off the day.

the casual group photo

the more serious mug up....a grand weekend. glad I was in the area!