Tuesday, March 31, 2015

the bits that bind

pumped the new Route 44 is up and running - Nick G holding it down

I'm playing catch up and throwing disconnected bits into one post.

Route is 4 blocks from Washington Street Skatepark now / this homage is hanging at PackRatt Records/Vintage
rad mural on el cajon blvd

Center made guac for one of our filming sessions. apparently he makes guac ever other day
the anniversary of Tim Dunbar's death came & went recently
APRL had a booth at the St. Patrick's Day parade - I met Meredith there {Rose is pictured}

Meredith on her new bike was the first float to open the parade - the crowd was loving her

Sundar was kind enough to serve me some soft serve in a cabbage leaf vs a cup. p:McCrackers
Ken rolled up to the driveway

and helped me mobilize the freebox
The traveling free box itself sits all too often in the van and out of sight. So for the last few months I've been brainstorming how I could attach it to the van to sit outside when I'm parked in a public space. With Ken's help, we made mounts on both the rear & front of the van for the free box to securely be visible.
and this is how it looks most often while I've been sleeping in the driveway at Edgemont

I went on a mealsharing.com dinner - this is Cla, one of the hosts

the host made Ethiopian lentils, salad, & grabbed ingera from the nearby market
Bob Green made this RAW sign for us when we were having raw potlucks at the house
raw food activists - JP and Barry at the Hillcrest Frmrs Mrkt

one of JP's wonderful raw salad creations at Peace Pies in OB
first bonfire for the Edgemont Collective - early stage

burning bright into the future!

Monday, March 30, 2015

donut disco

as the Convergence was winding down, I headed over to Disco at Panic
 new signage / donut crochet / Linda behind the counter
this art show was in connection with the one year anniversary celebration 
for Linda owning her own donut shop

guilty as charged.....

some sort of Lord of the Rings reference
Frodo, yoda, scully & mulder, headphones, and a cat as a donut - hard to pick a favorite
 but I'm going with the X-Files

press clippings on the wall
the crowd was building as I took off early.... word on the street is that a new veg/vegan restaurant is opening soon in the same complex as Linda's Donut Panic!!!!

San Diego Collectives Convergence

many weeks of planning went into this 3rd annual event
web link here to the event info

light breakfast to start off the day

a handful of bunnies showed up to check out the property

shared resources table and wipe board with MAP of collectives on the right

load of garden space on the La Querencia property
PaperCut zine distro had a table - p: Andrea
Fernanda & Becca on salad prep for lunch
lots to eat for lunch after the morning workshops wrapped up

plenty of time to converse over food under the pepper tree

Purple House brought their out of this work Mac & Cheese
lots of idea sharing and getting to know one another
one perspective of LUNCH on the deck

Holly skillfully facilitated the ACCOUNTABILITY workshop

key organizer, Caro, makes a break for it with la crema - p: Andrea
after the closing ceremony EL RIO from TJ took the stage and the dancing began!

group photo at the end of a terrific day, planning has begun for the next one - p: Andrea

if anyone doesn't want their picture up.... email me and i'll take it down....
it was tough to pay attention to the nametags

Sunday, March 22, 2015

alien she

a few weeks before #kevridestoSimi, I saw Ed post about this show. I figured it would be in Huntington.
nope... it's in Newport, but I made time to go check it out & you can check it out to til May 24th at OCMA
and I was impressed
so many zines, I wasn't sure if I could look at them.....
so fun to find friends' bands on the wall of flyers....
still my favorite piece in the exhibit
cassette art
Angel Hair and Clikitat were on the flyer wall!