Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crouse in the land of UTAH

CROUSE was my main objective in UTAH. Who is aaron crouse? I met Crouse in NR120 my freshman year of college {1990}, NR120 being a Natural Resource Conservation class. We hit it off quickly and started hanging and skateboarding together. We must have snowboarded together as well. Come second semester, it was his pair of hair clippers that I used to first shave my head. And from then on I was hooked and bought my own clippers. That same pair has been with me for over 20 years now, and I like to joke that I'm my own hair stylist. Crouse was there at the beginning giving me tips.

He and two of our buddies started a band called BELLJAR that first year... I went to lots of the practices and all of the shows.... Some of the best times of my life !  Belljar morphed into ANNA NORTH with only a change in bass player..... aaron graduated and moved to work in his field.. I think that first job was near JACKSON HOLE, WY.  We've staying in touch. I went to his wedding, and yes, it's much more rare that we see each other, but the important part is that we STILL DO see each other.

This time around, Aaron was gonna be tough to see.... but it worked out and we hung one afternoon during his work day. It might not have been the experience I was hoping for, but I'll take it. Anytime with CROUSE is better than no time with him.... Next year aka this year, I'm staying for a week!!!!

searching the box.....
bingo... a MILLER coozie from the 70's. classic.

this sign was up in the back office at Aaron's job.
aNOTHER bonus of being in the PARK CITY area for a few days was stumbling on the opportunity to hang with a long ago COLORADO connection homegirl named Jamie Stratford. Crouse, Grant, and I met Jamie and her sister Jennifer at Jamaica Jim's skatepark in the early 90's. I know Grant and I dumpster dived muffins with them in Los Angeles a few years later.... stable contact it has not been.. but every few years we connect.... Jamie was on holiday with her fiance and I was able to meet up for a hike.
Jamie confirms that the water is COLD.
JOE & Jamie...ahhhhh the flowers were out.
the OAKLEY, UT park.  paying tribute to CROUSE

The newer park at PARK CITY
Good Karma was ok in PARK CITY. nothing to write home about

This sando at Fairweather Natural Foods was amazing!
OMAR's Rawtopia was insane... avo/seaweed salad !
from PARK CITY I motored down the mountain into SLC... stopped at OMAR's ... didn't meet Omar but ate some of his fine foods and hit the interstate bound for the unknown of IDAHO.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the many faces of DENVER

Do you recall me mentioning a darling couple from Denver that I met at Valley View? Ed and Martha Woodsden....??  They invited me over and suggested we go out for lunch at WATERCOURSE! I rode Rori's bike a couple miles and found their house. We hung for a bit on the porch then took off for the restaurant. Good choice, Ed!
waitress cam = bad lighting

my meal was delicious...reminds me of a KLICH meal
I love the way Ed wears his glasses. I do the same thing when I'm driving
After the fabulous meal and conversation we hung out some more at their place. They have an epic cat that I really wish I could have photographed.. I'm after Martha to send me a pic that I can place here in retrospect.
Tom McCracken met me at the ice cream store, but just chatted. A stronger man than I.
 After I left the Woodsdens, I rode the bike to SWEET ACTION to meet a relative of the one and only  Meredith McCracken. She found Tom online last year and hasn't met him face to face yet. I met him first !
The main draw for me is the CookieWICH, This visit they had 3 flavors !
The freebox made an well as HK on this fine day.
 When I'm in the downtown Denver area, I usually stay near RORI & Jake's pad. Twas the case this time around. Rori works a lot these days but we got into a handful of adventures during her off hours.
fireside....kick back.
We all walked over to the GAY PRIDE parade. Piper approves.
late night themed bicycle ride through downtown

LG and I are ole college chums. Dinner at City O City!
LG came out for the tws premiere.  I hung out at her house too, but failed to photograph her puppy.

Jason from CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE operates the Yellow Feather Cafe now. They do a skate movie night and serve vegan donuts from Beet Box

I made dinner for the Peter's Clan out behind the hogback.

on my way to see Aaron Crouse in UTAH, I stopped in Steamboat Springs......
I had lunch with Gerry Nelson...a family friend who once sewed my sister's finger back on.
Gerry suggested I go scope of Fish Creek falls.  FEELTHE POWER

I love unusual old signs like this
Strawberry Hot Springs is one of my FAVS. This is the view coming in.
I found a little shade down on the far end.

Go Skateboarding Day 2011

Go Skateboarding Day is June 21st and has been promoted by the skateboard industry for coming on 10 years now. I was in the Denver area and had the ability to check out the events put on by both CRISIS and 303.

Fuzz and the CRISIS crew took over the Broomfield park for the day

Rich Johnson is an ambassador  - holding court at Broomfield.
303 put on a best trick contest down at the river. This kid did well.
Didn't catch his name, but this kid was the winner.
Lots of people swim in this RAPIDs section of the Platte river.
This guy kept me completely entertained.
I met a pal of 10 foot Ted's for dinner. Nate is a really POSITIVE guy!
Root Down is a localvore hangout. I went with a tofu and brussel sprout dish.
Nate elected for the veggie sliders and sweet potato fries.
Capped off the evening at the 303 premiere of Not Another Transworld Video

Backyard Paradise

I came to COLORADO with two spots in mind that I had to skate. I wasn't leaving the state without skating them. Jerry Hahn had been collecting ramps for years. Two years ago it all came together. He made the MOUNTAINS of TRANNY dvd years ago and I used to buy SLIP SKIN rails from him. I'd worked with him for years, but I'd never met him face to face. I put in the call and got the invite and the session ended up being a rip roarer!
Greasy lays it back at Jerry's.
 I started seeing photos in 2010 and took quick notice of the hip transfer possibilities. Once there I quickly realized they were out of my reach...  JERRY did it backside....
Ramp owner Jerry Hahn blazes a nosegrind.
SE Denver backyard paradise
TIM took a few turns with me, but for the most part it was just me.
Big thanks to Rob Hoovis for putting me in touch with TIM and his wonderland. I am so thankful that the Mott's were able to oblige me!

                             and now for a few shots of some other parks I hit in Colorado..........
I'd never been to the massive Colorado Springs park
Big bowl at Steamboat
 Steamboat Springs has a new skatepark that is dreamy. A bowl of all levels and street area with fun, small elements.
Frontside pivot on one of the small elements.
Kremmling is on the way to Steamboat

Roxborough was wet, but I got 1 trick as it dried.

Winter Park at dawn was chilling but FUN!!!!