Wednesday, August 28, 2013

zine prom

A month before the Zine Symposium was slated to begin, I saw that the IPRC was putting on a ZINE PROM for the Saturday evening entertainment. Sounded like fun to me, but how was I going to get a date? Chad came up empty last year when I tasked him with setting me up on a blind date. But I went to him again for assistance. A few days after I asked him, THE LIGHT BULB went on...  I wanna take Ms Rachael Starkweather to the prom!   I was in Canada at the time and couldn't call her, so I tried email & sent a postcard. FYI I've never gotten an email from her and it's her work email, so I looked at it as a long shot. 

GUESS WHAT?  a few days later, I see an email from her in my inbox & I'm stunned. She said, :"I want to say yes to the zine prom, but I need to find a sitter for my daughter."  HMMMM... so that's still pretty up in the air. How hard is it to find a sitter you trust?  I have no idea. But I have faith and trust in the universe. If she's meant to join me, then a sitter will be found.
she found a sitter and suggested we grab dinner at DOTS -  a Portland institution
we found this Little Free Library on the walk to the IPRC

that's what Keith Marr looked like
 Over dinner Rachael was candid with me when she told me how badly she wanted to cancel on me earlier that afternoon. But she just didn't do it and I think & hope she actually had a nice evening.
Rachael take a peek in door #1

and finally door #3

the IPRC was dressed up all nice

they had a watermelon
a vacant kissing booth
we took our prom pic in the photobooth and I'm still trying to track that photo down.....
then we were both getting tired so we walked away.......and that was the evening.

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