Friday, August 23, 2013


Slept in Pemberton and had to sort out some hot spring details in the morning. Was Meager Creek accessible? NOPE. Turns out the second largest landslide in North American history took out the bridges to get there in Oct 2012. BUT I learned of Keyhole Hot Springs - so I set off for that.
The Lilooet River is what I followed up, up, & up

gained quite a bit of elevation
it was a steep hike down to the river - this was the 1st pool

then another, but I kept walking upstream

and then I came upon the sweet spot

I elected to spend most of my time in the pool closest to river level

totally epic
I pressed further up the valley in search of Keyhole Waterfall
found my first wild blueberries on the trail to the overlook
when I got there I was scared. looking over to see the falls is breathtaking
looking out from the top of the falls over the valley

 I didn't take these two photos but I stood where this drone took off from - VIDEO

highlight reel

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