Thursday, August 8, 2013


decided to get out of my comfort zone, take a boat, and sleep on a beach
van in the library lot, I'm on my way to the harbor to get on a boat
I thought I was getting on the Rainbow Connection

but ended up shipping out on the DISCOVERY
1st stop, GULL ISLAND

where we spotted a sea otter
and there were plenty of birds to watch

loads of them.... no orcas, just birds

we landed in the port of Seldovia
lunch in the harbor park
took in some history at the museum

never heard of a watermelon berry before....seems to combine the best of both worlds
AUNTIE's = a quaint little health food store

lots of ornately carved woodwork

the famous boardwalk homes

and some businesses
rode out north of town to OUTSIDE beach and set up camp

not bad

found a lovely perch memorial to a lost seafarer

parked my butt on that bench for a bit

a lone cliffside dweller

tree cave
dinner with a view

a VIRGIL's for desert
went to bed peacefully, but the wind picked up considerably during the night and caused some worry for this novice camper.....
rode further out of town and stumbled onto a community garden

cats and dogs coexisting
wild rhubarb growing all over the place

too early for salmon berries

John @ Warehouse books was quite the character
the remix
The boat ride back to HOMER was ORCAless as well.........despite the choppier seas I took a nap and later learned I lost my back pocket IDEA BOOK in Seldovia. DRATS!

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