Monday, July 28, 2014

soakin & tubing

rolled up to South Canyon hot springs

too hot for me, but I wanted to show the fellas

Beadle had a quick soak, before heading back to...
Hobo for another quality soak
two teachers from Chicago stopped by for a soak in their inflatable kayak
feeling the awesome power of the healing water

such power that it pulled my drawers right off
had a nice drive through golden canyon and into Boulder

blew up the tubes and took turns going down Boulder Creek
butts were scuffed
Adam took a spill out of the gate & gave himself a scare

Beadle backs me up

textbook rope swinging from Adam

Beadle bomp drops

I'm up in the tree..>!

mainly went to Boulder for the Tsing Tao ayce buffet & to show Beadle the FlatIrons
last game of Farkle at Beet Box on Beadle's last day in town
checked out the pay as you can afford Same Cafe on Colfax

Adam's pizza face

farkled & ate calzones at Marquis for Beadle's last meal - he won
the buddies embrace and say goodbye
we paid a visit to Hannah B

and played farkle and hung out

after saying farewell to Adam, I caught a double rainbow

found a book on my reading list at Fahrenheit on South Broadway
 I went to Nate's art show in the Highlands (forgot to take a pic) and headed back up to the Fort. 

lots of work still to be done for the LAUNCH fundraiser in Sept.


Zach & Ausin had us jump in the cart
 I'd already made plans to cruise out to the Coalatree farm and chill for the night, when I thought I still had a day to kill before picking up Adam & Beadle. But I figured sleeping on a farm for a night would do them some good, so we all drove out after Hobo Hot Springs.
and off we went
their mini ramp is 50 feet of paradise - Austin wallies up to disaster
fierce weather was all around us and the wind kept the mosquitos away

blunt fakie 1st try for dinner - thanks Adam !

Zach - front blunts

Zach early tugs over the mini mega
Austin is a beast from Pennsylvania

it was a very relaxed session & it never rained
later that night, the motorcycle gang invaded
up bright & early for breakfast

catching the sun rising over the mountains

only 4 hogs for 15 people

speaking of hogs, they loved my discards
cuddle session with Queen Latifah
smoke on the water
Adam - skipping rocks on the Colorado
Christian - back D for the early session

Stuart or is it Stewart - up early and ready to shred
watchint the session from their porch. DavidJ, Allen, & Joe P

David didn't have to get out of his tent to check the action

Sam sends me off with a zucchini
thanks for the hospitality and the good times, fellas!


From the frigid waters of the Devil's Icebox, we next found ourselves on the other extreme - at Hobo Hot Springs on the Colorado River. Here you can go from HOT to COLD in 3 seconds.

Technically we're trespassing, and Adam got lost on the way down.

the rate of flow is so high it acts like a hot tub jet to massage the weary muscles
it was hotter than I recall, so we spent most of the time near the river
three happy campers

205 Barnes in the tub

Beadle found a sweet spot

lots of traffic on the river

plenty of waves, & I refrained from mooning anyone

.....and now for a moment of Zen.....