Wednesday, August 21, 2013

cassiar highway

from Watson Lake I took the Cassiar Highway south
and ended up taking a break at Boya Lake

clear enough for ya /?

at first I just put my feet in

at 1st I took this sign to mean no SWIMMING, but soon realized it's NO DIVING
so I went for a swim
stopped at another lake to use a fire ring to make some soup.

came into the mushrooms in White Horse and needed to use em up

combined with some split pea soup was quite nice
swam in two additional lakes and winded up at TWIN FALLS

found a few salmon berries
ate a few - were they ripe? I'm not really sure

the left twin was chugging!

the right twin, not so much

hey check me out!

back down in the parking lot I met Julieta y Guillermo de Argentina
they've been traveling since mar 2011 are in route to Alaska from Argentina
 I talked with Julieta & Guillermo for an hour or so in broken Spanish. They were able to dispel my fears of driving in Central America. As a result of this interaction, it looks like I'll be entering ole Mexico from Brownsville in NOVEMBER. Practice my Spanish and see how far south I can get. There are some hot springs I want to sit in somewhere in a river in Costa Rica. Sounds like an adventure to me...! 
check out their blog HERE.   their fb HERE
 - there is a mailbox in their roof rack - 

parked next to them were two other Argentinians doing the same route - Manuel & his lady

those two are into handicrafts & postcards....
took a chance & drove out to Driftwood Canyon - saw a rainbow
not a single piece of driftwood nor much of a canyon
had to stop and swim in BURNS LAKE

that's me slipping down the slide into the lake

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