Tuesday, August 27, 2013


after 14 little free libraries it was time for an organic blueberry fritter
I was afraid I was going to miss Blackfish in the theaters

but I caught it at the amazing Seven Gables single screen theater
jumped over to My Sweet Lord for FREE spaghetti
then I call Matt to see where he is and he's right behind me coming out of Wayward

He & Rachel show me their road trip quarters
I couldn't resist the chico stix donut from voodoo

so stoked these two are roaming the biways together.{not me & the donuts, but Matt & Rachel}

met former Overboarder Bruce B at Highline for their last night of food
I worked out at Bruce Lee's grave - talk about inspiration
met Coleen in Cap Hill, spaced a photo of her, but saw the QP Bruce was talking about

I'll always stop for a cat on a leash photo op

after my horchata in Vancouver, I was feeling positive that BLUEBIRD would have the ice cream

and they did so I got my container filled.

ate half there and they kept the rest in the freezer til later

after horchata ice cream I rode over to the zine library

I do have a lot of good zines around me at this time
I found Evasion 2 years ago @ ZAPP and I had to re read it
found a Little Free Library on my bike ride back to the van

Lexi told me about a cool place to perform in Ravenna Park. Waiting!

Seattle skyline from a water tower in Volunteer Park

met Rufus on the mean streets of the U District

another trip to Mighty O to get fritters for Elaine
I love looking at this picture
did some backflips off the highdive at Greenlake before the CURB CONTEST
so happy Lexi told me about the Community Bowl at Chaco
caught the Hedgehag show on my way out of town - all smiles
all singing.. Lexi on banjo
the curb contest gets it's own page....coming right up...

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