Wednesday, January 29, 2014


and later in the day on Thanksgiving I stopped at my first roadside fruit stand. I purchased mandarin oranges and manzana bananas also known as apple or baby bananas.

lots of examples of folks who know how to pack the car right

the roads were so bumpy that ZEP's pin kept falling on me. I see now he was protecting me from MS13
cows on the roadway - not uncommon

I had my doubts I'd get to see Gloria Esteban, I had the spelling wrong
my 1st beach experience in MEX was cold and windy, but charming

radical old mangrove driftwood
close up
the tunnel of trees on the way out

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

thanksgiving tacos

November 28th - I awake early just as dawn is breaking. I slept pretty well despite not knowing how safe my sleep over spot would be. Downed a few pieces of fruit and was back on the road. I started seeing signs for a ruin called Tajin so I decided to follow the signs and within a few hours of driving, I was there. City of the Thunder Gods.
not in too bad of shape

well manicured lawns

the pyramid of the niches - 365 cubbie holes

another angle of the niches
picnic tables?

for my first ruin, this was quite elaborate and large with a nice museum

some of the detail work

more details

the ball court - it's surmised that wooden posts were used to support the rings

next I sought out taco fixings & found my first Mexican cat

It was Thanksgiving after all. I sat in the square and made tacos

thanksgiving tacos
no shortage of stray/wild dogs cruising around