Friday, August 2, 2013

homer - an intro

rolled into the CRUNCHIEST town in Alaska - didn't find it to be that crunchy
the scenic overview before town has a community garden!

fireweed grows everywhere

drivin down the hill into town provides a stunning view
the lake in town where pontoon planes take off from
ball players on the spit
out on the spit - the memorial to the ones the sea has claimed

this spot was pretty crunchy

sitting out front on old theater chairs

small town, slow it down

the big tease. the 1st gal I asked said they were vegan, not the 2nd
Brutus from Belgium out on the spit

can you see the super moon?

the local library is really nice

felt like I was reading in a 5 star hotel lobby

meditated with the local sangha in this gorgeous building

a sweet rig on the spit
spent one early morning checking out the end of the spit

I sat here but I have no wife
RUFUS was hanging outside FINN's PIZZA
pulling my  belated VEGAN PIZZA DAY pie from the oven @ Finns


mushrooms, garlic, and an onion I picked myself
the cute spot had VIRGILs
an EAGLE came and stayed for the whole WAITING show

met two skaters from Santa Rosa at the Homer Skatepark

bumped into joe from the HOMER sangha

this juice and smoothie spot was terrific

I'm sticking to a NO TEE BUYING policy, but that didn't stop me from torturing myself at the craft fair. look at that gorgoeous brown & white one.....!

pizza #2 at Fat Olives - nothing special. Finns was better.

hostels, a boat trip and the farmer's market coming soon.......

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