Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WA area Little Free Libraries

Actually, I didn't barrel right into Seattle, I took some time to visit Little Free Libraries on the way south into Seattle. The NW is packed with avid readers who take the time to install Little Free Libraries in their yards.
#1 in Everett - simply stated and charming
#2 took some looking, but I found it.

1st time I've seen one attached to a park

heavy duty
#3 was winning neighborhood awards + bonus bench

Rough & Ready even has a light for night browsing

pick out your favorite pocket spirit
#4 Greek architecture theme w/ notebook

1st time ever meeting an owner/creator
#5 was rustic & one of my favs

repurposed door handle

tin can lids for flashing

hidden room in the attic...super tight
#6 was created from all found materials

and includes a box of POEMS to share

#7 was well kept
I particularly liked the door handle

#8 was eclectic and focused more on kids book - a librarian lives here

the registration panel was on the backside

#9 was on AURORA - a busy street

it was quite roomy inside

#10 was packed with books

#11 was tough to photograph with the metal flashing

#12 had lace curtains

and excellent use of SCRABBLE tiles
plus I found a Barbara Kingsolver book I haven't read yet
1st time I'd seen these labels - made me think that some peeps might take the better books & then sell them
a uniquely styled round about in the Greenlake area

shared a glass of water with Lexi during a break
#13 needs a little roof repair

but I scored with Desperately Seeking Susan

not really sure what's it's for, but I like this nook

#14 has a STAR WARS theme

may the force be with you

a solar panel powers

a night light

this one had a strip of the ALWAYS A GIFT, NEVER A SALE labels
14 stops was enough for one day. It was time for a visit to Mighty O for fritter.....

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