Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adam rides again.....

AVS.....adam van slyke is one of my best friends...... We first met at Overload or was it RANCHO's market and six years ago, he up and moved across the country to North Carolina. I had the pleasure of skating NC with him last April, then in SEPT of last year I flew back out East to attend his wedding.
          Rebecca and Adam didn't take the traditional honeymoon trip.   They actually waited....and planned....and in FEB of 2011 they rented out their house and hit the road for close to six months. Knowing about their trip was a LARGE inspiration in planning my own adventure. Once we both knew we would be on the road at the same time, we schemed to see where our paths might connect. First it was maybe going to be AUSTIN, then OCEANSIDE, then PORTLAND.............but all those possibilities did not materialize.

Pirate and Adam land at Illya's
Thankfully it all came together in Colorado. Adam met up with me at Illya's and we got down to the good times. Rebecca had flown EAST for some family issues, so it was just Adam and his puppie PIRATE>
The free box made an appearance.
VAN LIFE.... tying up the curtains for the day

Farkle came out at VG Burgers
How miserable does Adam look?
 TOOBING on Boulder Creek is a tradition, but with the spring SNOW MELT and subsequent HIGH run off the creek was at RAGING RIVER proportions. Adam and I did get in the creek, but only for a second.... all the snow melt makes for a FREEZING swim. Other more brave souls were doing some toobing....
                                                                  Feel the FURY!!!
a very sobering dip
We both love playing disc golf and played the 9hole in south Boulder.
Van life!

We met Sessions at the skatepark for old man tuesday
                             We drove up BOULDER CANYON and checked out the WATERFALL
Adam and Pirate stand beneath the fury~
A little further up the canyon is the town of Nederland. A few years back they got a skatepark, and I'd never been to it so we skated the NEDERLAND Skatepark. Adam filmed a line of me.....
The last game of FARKLE before Adam's departure.

We played some more Farkle, ate out a few more times and then ADAM jetted off to CHICAGO to pick up his bride at the airport. Hopefully next year I'll be able to get all the way across the country to see Adam in Carrboro, NC.