Wednesday, April 29, 2015

People's Climate Rally

I attended.
gearing up to leave the civic center plaza

marching down 3rd toward Broadway

once on Broadway is when the action began
so many good signs 0 we could all stand to divest from climate change
I surely support green energy, but in front of that I support conservation & a reduction of demanded resources

so much water going into natural gas development....totally unsustainable
Nancy Casady from OB People's coop stirring the pot

I brought out the peace flag
stand up to BIG OIL - this kid just wants to dance

- we demand action -
 next action is june 14th....civic center plaza 2pm.

piemageddon 3.14.15

we got invited to piemageddon @ the zzyzyx collective
amy clearly stunned to meet the Prince of Zamunda
it made my day hanging with the Prince  !

Genevieve showing us the houses bulk bins

Gen showing off the beginnings of her potpie

Claudia's tater tot covered savory pies

a special beverage for grandpa

the feasting begins

this is what conversation looks like

Kenny & I had a ball

the table w/ pies, eating, Mary's cheese cake, and the special moment 9:26pm on 3-14.15

caravana 43

the Coven held a fundraiser for the group Caravana43 a month prior and this day was their kickoff event for their tour of the USA. these are the mothers & fathers of the 43 students killed in southern Mexico allegedly by the cartels, but information is surfacing linking police involvement with the murders. these parents and the people of Mexico want answers!
there was a lunch discussion at City College & the march left from City en route to the Federal building

the ceremonial dress brigade led the march

roughly translated - no justice, no peace

the faces of the murdered

all the way down  Broadway - totally peaceful

I stopped at POKEZ for dinner after the march
before I knew it, Paul & Shane both randomly showed up & we sat together

Paul handed off the bible of collective living to me

up at the Centro de Cultural de la Raza a panel of speakers from Caravana 43 told their story
was pumped to run into Scott at the event - that's him taking the picture above


 never a dull moment at the Che Cafe on the UCSD campus. the admin had issued an eviction notice and the locks on the doors were slated to be changed on March 24th, so the call went out to the people. and the people answered the call
I was shocked to see that every news channel was on the scene at 5am

people from all walks of life showed up to march around the building for the cameras
 rally goers had access to delicious donuts to keep up the fight
on the inside, we had Center just waking up from a nap

Jon zonked out

and Matt coordinating

later in the morning we took signs down to the nearest intersection to raise awareness
that day no one showed up to change the locks, much to the media's chagrin. and to this day, the che is still occupied predominately by students and no action has been taken by the administration. I'm not sure where the legal team is with negotiations with admin though..... the fight continues to keep an all ages cultural venue on the campus.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

collective liberation conference

a visit with Dave B starts off the trip {he gave me avocados from Tracker Larry's estate}

Kerry snagged me, we went to Sole Tech, then to a new raw spot VEGGOS
not bad. I got pizza, Kerry got the burger
 met Ginger at the Costa Mesa Skatepark

2nd dinner at Seabird Kitchen

then we got back to CSULB for the opening ceremony and potluck mixer
next morning, what I thought would be donuttery, turned out to be too many bagels
Lauren from Food Empowerment Project gave a lecture on running successful campaigns

Rocket was on hand
some ducks showed up that morning
Kerry awaits Jake Conroy's lecture to begin

Kerry  - at the head of the class

Jonathan Paul: Animal Rights and Deep Ecology - to start the day
Jake Conroy introducing Josh Harper

Josh Harper can be a little socially awkward, but he came on fire during his speech.
The guy is a phenomenal speaker in my opinion. He spoke about Reinventing Direct Action: Alternatives to Theatrical Militancy. Definitely an out of the box thinker... His talk was my weekend highlight. 
Lauren Ornelas spoke last and I had to split back to San Diego.
I wish I could have stuck around for SUNDAY's sessions, but duty called back on the home front.