Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the unexpected way home

turns out the DRINK WATER org has their office at Silas' tf

Klich beanplants the wall to fakie

Kerry & Klich look on as Nick Peterson tailgrab nosegrinds the doorway

Klich punches off the qp to the wall to fakie
Klich made stuffed shells for Rachelle's birthday dinner
I stayed at Chad's for a few days.... Carlton welcomed me

Chad & Ago

Chad showed me the new Sudra spot in SE

Kenny in green @ his kids art show

Kenny hitting a new ledge spot by the house

Veggie Grill with Kerry on his lunch hour
1st stop on the waterfall tour - Horsetail

hiked two miles in the rain to Ponytail Falls w/ Brian & his pal

world famous Multnomah Falls / over the course of the 2 hour drive we saw in the neighborhood of 20 falls
a ride share came in the way of this text...

the southbound drive with Alyssa was pretty chill
17.25 hours later and I'm eating tacos @ Pokez

lots of rain....

from the bus stop, quick walk in the snow to DC Veg
a Thai dinner with Brodie after his interview

Sweet Pea is making sandwiches now.... bbq soy curls
Jabba the Hut melts before my eyes
tried to meet Kerry @ Bridge Club / Klich's backside airs are getting better

Jesse front rock

Kyle Knight-Johnson - nollie oop D

Klich - spanking tail
Brer & I on the sofa - p:klich

skater ingenuity from Klich's road trip to CA
a lonely lot
mac & cheese with a tempeh Reuben at Papa G's

voodoo donut eating contest with two Texans
Brer club.... sign me up

Klich made us baguette style French toast
KLICH just lying around at Daddies

the fingerflip lien disaster
Gordita's tofu torta

spent an unorthodox night at the Clinton Street Theater
first time for me and Ethiopian in Portland / Amy & Kenny

Kenny lets Petey clean his beard

Kevin + Brer + Klich

this is the last picture I will ever take of Klich @ Unheard / layback air

Klich & Kerry at a concert on Valentine's Day

heelflip challenge in an art gallery / Kerry vs Klich

Klich gets the win as Todd surfs down the corridor

blame Canada...

woke up and surveyed the fire damage at Leeside

lot of tires burned that were meant for backfill
Alex was determined to break the ice in the backyard

only put a dent in it

Dan Z did some slipper skating on it

paid a visit to my old buddy MOSES

@ Tamar & Jeff's new pad
she played records and we talked then ran errands
Jeff Cole ollie to tail on a brand new mini in Surrey

hippie Mike getting a hipper on his home turf

next morning Tamar was making spanakopita
nice contrast, Jeff & Tamar!

meanwhile back in Portland, SNOWMAGEDDON
met this beautiful pup outside of the Temple feed

new ramp in the Smiling Buddha on Hastings

next morning, I jumped a bus back to Portland