Tuesday, August 13, 2013

seward DUMPSTERs

 I stumbled onto the most inspiring series of DUMPSTERs along the waterfront of Seward Harbor.
 CELEBRATE Tradition
be kind to animals
learn new things
Share the moment

 seize the day
be good to the earth
Go place, know nature, have fun
be good to each other

 live life to the fullest every day / Go out and see what you can see
row, row, row your Boat
Be kind to animals
Do the right thing every dog gone day

 Go for a walk
sit and think
sit and wonder
Follow your heart / Life is adventure

 Eat good food & share / give thanks everyday / celebrate / play games
recycle stuff
Life is a dream / follow your heart / sit and think / do your best
be a friend
seeing all these keen slogans left me wanting to be a better person, a better friend, and better steward of the EARTH......  think about it.......

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