Monday, August 26, 2013

van randoms

jon sciano nosepicking a new part of LEESIDE  remember this part?

Sebo Walker - bs noesblunt - I'm a fan #1 & #2 & #3

caught Strubing down at LEESIDE on another day
skated Hastings one afternoon... couldn't quite get what I was wanting

this orange guy took a swat at me
loads of community gardens all over town

thought this was an epic idea

here are the basics

always courteous to have a notebook for communication

cherries and blueberries!
backflip at Lynn Canyon

fun being upside down

sweet chilling zone in the middle of a round about - super bike friendly
a cherried out little free library near Tamar's

I didn't find any essentials
this cat likes corduroy just like me!

this unsanctioned neighborhood library is the best I've seen
Waiting played a show at LEESIDE

the equipment blends right into the background
we're at Budgie's on my last night in town

we find this amazing McCrank portrait in the basement

as we're walking out, Tyler and Pease get out of the New Balance van!
the good times were a plenty - looks like I'll be returning for Patty's skate party in a few weeks

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