Friday, August 16, 2013


after the bears I slept out at Glacier View Park
check out that reflection - Valdez Glacier is back there somewhere

started seeing this signage all over town

their health food store has a great name

I had an in store smoothie - no bananas in sight
boat that predates the quake

rad wood carving in a park

part of the hull of the ship that spilled the oil
learned about the oil spill at the museum

this bad ass gets the highway named after him

I spent most of the morning trying to find paint for my sign project

I hit paydirt at the Weathered Anchor. Christy hooked it up.

the OG planning of the city wasn't well thought out
turns out this barge wasn't washed up in 1964, it's just there temporarily

lots of history on the old town site.

after the quake hit, the city admin relocated the whole town 3 miles away

a look at the bay from the OG town site

the other museum focused more on the quake
wild pic of the slide in Anchorage - I stood on that ground a week prior

this used to be in the town whorehouse and survived the quake

terrific displays on what the town used to look like pre 1964

you can't forget that VALDEZ is where the alaska pipeline ends

I trip out that I almost didn't come to VALDEZ & it ended up being the best stop in AK

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