Wednesday, August 14, 2013

out of seward

I rode in, I now had to ride out

taking solace in nature

the uphills were painful, actually, most all pedaling at this point HURT
stopped for dinner at Snow River Hostel, but didn't see anyone
past the half way mark

I wish FU was ahead to greet me

coconut water break - I took many breaks

it was a gorgeous ride
less than two miles to go to be back in the van
I thought I'd go right to sleep, but instead, I started driving to Anchorage.

I didn't know what the problem was at the time, but I've since learned that I severely strained my left Achilles tendon. Probably from not going into low enough gear on the uphill climbs. A full day of rest would have done me good in Seward. Now I know.

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