Monday, June 30, 2014

fart city #3

the pipa grande experiment
usually when you see one of these, it's an indicator
the recon started on swim day. plans to penetrate for the next morning
morning recon crew

21 of us waiting in a well hidden ditch to move out in 3 man teams

my three man team was last to penetrate

Hank and the Otter get under the fence & down the ladder that Mission Specialist brought

helping with boards

almost ready to make the journey into the abyss

this was steeper than we expected and couldn't see the guys, but we could hear them

5 minutes of hiking the pipe, we found them in the light of the elbow

approaching 2 o'clock - I think this is Danny
hard to beat this level of adventure

prepping for the group photo

looking out the top of the elbow

can you see the excitement on Danny's face>?

faces blurred to protect the guilty - p:wilkins
I love the look on Kevin's face here
hiking out
Clark rode the coffin down the steeps - twice

mission accomplished.
all men in. no injuries. no authorities. all men out
and this was a wrap for my time with the fart city expedition.
super grateful to have run into them & then join them
a very welcoming & fun bunch
p: either Josh or Aaron

fart city #2

up & on the road @5am, soaking @ Cottonwood by 7am

6 different pools to choose from

this is where I soaked my achy bones
Leadville is the oasis. right up my alley. lines for days & nothing over 8 feet

check Hank out on the rail.... I say Hank gets mvp
Tyler front feebs with Kevin Wilkins documenting
it's a rental, but they still built it out to suit life on the road
one of Aaron's many nicknames is OTTER - he took right to the water

Hank drying off after a quick splash down

part bath, part cool down

my new trunks
with shorts still soggy, Hank decided he was going to grind the rail

one good tumble was involved
after 5050ing it, he nailed a 5-0
motivated with watermelon

Pat Boyles slips over the spine

Wilkins ollies right over the spine
Greg up & over the bell and through the corner !

Jeff Chase followed Hank's line for the mega Euro gap

Kevin battled the A frame & won.
Danny - dusk bsts under the dark wave

Sunday, June 29, 2014

baconomics #4

gin rummy on Fuzz's floor before packing up for the Springs

always gets a giggle from the out of towners
Alan Young blunt fakie for a slice of watermelon - nailed it

our host for the night - Chris Patton - feeb fakie

Klich on the deck - social media time

Little Chris bsa

best guess is the peak on the left is Pike's Peak

local shredder Tony Marly tippy toes bsts while Kadan & Tim observe
Alan - Lien air

Tony - Lien air
Kansas buddy Kelly Korte pops an ollie
this poor gal was having a tough time with the double wrap concept
next morning I was up and on the road at 5am to link up with Fart City again....