Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wichita chat

things went well at the chat
Bradley Robinson rock n rolls - he created the flyer for Lords of Cowtown

Landon Barnhart bionic backside ollie
digging into the details of industry work....  p:CoryW

Scott Flute blunt fakie

Vinnie Banh - back Smith

Vinnie nailed a frontside flip 1st try

massive alley oop lien melon via Vinnie's prowess
thanks to Cory @ WELLDONE for reaching out to me - we had a good crowd and good questions! The chat was videotaped and I'll include that link when I get it....
this weekend we head to DALLAS to pay tribute to JEFF PHILLIPS

then Nov 9th, I'll be giving a similar chat in Lincoln, NE.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

lords of cowtown

Bradley's outstanding flyer for the premiere!

Adrian, Schane, & IT wizard Scott Hearne during soundcheck

everyone was nervous, but it all went smoothly
thanks for the burgers, SCHANE! your staff was great to work with
the early birds got seats, but most stood - stoked to pack the house

Adrian's intro filmed at Cowtown
Scott Hearne destroyed Edgemoor - classic pivot fakie - check the shadow
BIG thanks to Adrian Parcel for his tenacity and drive to make this film a reality. He's committed to growing the Wichita scene, helping younger skaters progress, & pushing his own skating to new levels. DVDs will be ready in a week or so. Hit Adrian up on facebook if you'd like a copy. Also, Scott Hearne's tech knowledge was invaluable in bringing the film to the big screen. PLUS we can't thank Schane & the staff at the ANCHOR enough for hosting us and having us. THANKS AGAIN.

join us tonight at WELLDONE if you're curious about working in the skate industry

Monday, October 28, 2013

56hours in KANSAS

golden hour eastbound I-70 after departing NIGHTMARE @ NORTHSIDE

rear view of the last light as I head EASTBOUND & DOWN
MAX was the 1st to greet me at 6am when I walked into Brodie & Bianca's
before any people were stirring, I hid away Bianca's special delivery of Lambert's black bean tofu

BUSTER is the latest addition to the fam, & Iris & Bianca have terrific short haircuts
Brodie has a new utilitarian toy
Max is now enjoying both indoor & outdoor living
picked up my SECOND mix CD from Eric B.. thanks bud...!

left Great Bend & headed right for the buffet @ Garden Grille
stopped by my sisters & hung out - where is that BOY's LFE tee now?
drove by WES's PIRATE COVE

decorations at The DONUT WHOLE

short bus vs short bus @ the ANCHOR

inspiring images at the BIKE CAVE

drive less, bike more

keep on keeping on

ease of maintainance

rode the freight elevator with Schane in search of a ladder
 and now we wait the few hours until the world premiere of LORDS OF COWTOWN

bummed to see that the national chains have taken out another local business
Julie gave me a mix CD & John provided 2 discs from his college days!

ran errands with Jeremy

we toured the halls of SE high & saw my sister in a meeting

one of Jeremy's precious kitties.... LUCY

the impressive lunch box collection

Jeremy captured a telling van life image - toothbrushing!

we rolled by WES's pirate cove and took in the spectacle in the daylight

had to stay til WED to get some vegan donuts

thought I could get outta there with only 1, but left with 2
taught Carrie how to Farkel @ the grocery store
 The big news of the trip is that FARKLE HQ has moved. I walked over the other morning from The Donut Whole with the intention of buying a few sets. But I was crushed when I walked up to the door & found a FOR RENT sign in the window and the place empty. I went next door to find out that they had moved three months ago to a new spot on the south end of town.
Bianca lined me up with Pat from Homegrown KANSAS where I stocked up on fresh organic veggies to bring to GB


I grew up skating in vans sk8 hi's. I attribute them to permanently removing all hair folicles on my lower shins. I had sk8 hi's in the late 80's, custom made chukka boots & old schools in the early 90's, & when I first to moved to San Diego in '95 I found a pair of red/white checkered slip ons that were just a little too tight. As a result those never got worn much, but I held onto them your years...liking the fact that I would see them from time to time in the closet. I hadn't worn a pair of Vans all through the 2000's until earlier this summer when ALEX bought me a pair of brown/grey slipons at a thrift store in Vancouver. Most recently I came into six random pairs and decided to do a little photo essay with them before sending most of them on to better homes in Portland.

day #1 - red/white checkered ERA's = leaves
day #2 - black/white checkered slipons = stones
day#3 - all red slipons = sparkly concrete
day#4 - purple cord Authentics = brick
day#5 - black/white checkered Authentics = dirt
day#6 - black/white Eras = grass
day#7 - brown/grey checkered slipons = steel grate
and now all together on cement
send in your guesses as to which 2 pairs remain in my employ......