Monday, August 22, 2016

summer 2016

blog posts have been highly spotty this year...  my primary focus has been my classic skate mag exhibit tour,
pics from that here

I post many photos on Instagram. Follow me @travelingfreebox and/or @lookbacklibrary

it's not that I haven't been doing fun things, but most of my photos have been focused at the mag events...
here are some that I cherry picked for a summer wrap up post

last blog on my FLORIDA swimming tour from May.

hung with Adam & Grey in NC

breakfast with Broderick in Boston

DECKAID at Orchard was intense

an afternoon with Peacetrain Charlie in VT

a sweet spread donated by Red Fern in Rochester

the van with no plan came to the exhibit at Sunday in Buffalo


the workshop of Jay Croft

watermelon at Tri-Star with Gab and Nic

Eric screened some tees for me in Detroit

mean MUGgin with John McGuire in Milwaukee - Sky High

checking out antiques with Nate Sherwood in Iowa

brunch with the Burcher's & Steve
Wilkins & Steve at the Capitol

Phil & Ollie at the new Burcher Family skate library

we got Steve's collection sorted out in Lincoln.

pizza fun with Dan in KC

building with the craftsman, Zak, in Wichita

a week with Jeremy

stoked to see Ant and Khamphi at the Demo exhibit

me at the bowling alley - p: MSmoody
farm cat at the new Fitzhum Ranch in Hays, KS.

got to CO & drove to San Diego & caught a birthday dinner for Kim

back in Ft. Collins, I worked on some wood projects
some Californians dropped by the Crisis exhibit

QT with Rori in Frisco
ran into Donut from Madison at Breck

Slash Camp 2016 - 50 SHE-shredders converged on the mountain skateparks

pumped to link up with Virgils

Lazer, Sessions, & Roth in Boulder.

Alex abandoned PA for a month in CO.

we topped the Horse Tooth.
and now it's almost Sept...... I'm in CO till the Launch annual fundraiser on Sept 10th - then off to UT, ID, MT, WA, BC, OR, and back into CA in nov/dec.