Friday, August 23, 2013

waterfall tour

Nairn Falls - 30 minute hike in light rain
 On Hwy 99 from Pemberton to Vancouver there are three major waterfalls to check out. I made it my mission to see them all in one day. After my spectacular experience at Keyhole Falls earlier in the day, it was a tall order to fill.
it's not that easy to capture the whole thing

a little history

the second stage as it pours down to the GREEN RIVER

stopped in Whistler hoping it would dry up. NOPE
a little rain doesn't stop the dirt jumpers. this makes me want to see FUDGE jump some dirt
Brandywine Falls is the best in my opinion

check me out

Alex Miranda wants to climb this mountain known as THE CHEIF

Shannon Falls was the tallest at 325 meters
 & over the steelworkers bridge into VANCOUVER

the 3 way wrap up....what's your favorite?

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