Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Klich's cats

these three B's live with Klich - this is Ben wishing he was outside

Bixby chasing the laser pointer

Brer is the OG
Klich won the cat butt gum contest
Klich getting his tubes changed

riding off to catch a lift to work with Kenny

Panera Cares pay as you can bread bowl's

cat love bag on a customer at Food Fight

Klich cooking up a storm

words to live by on the compost container

found this lid by the bike coop

and it fit perfectly on a pyrex bowl I found in ft collins

Rachelle and Klich made muffins

Klich all wound up on a front blunt to Smith stop at the Unheard ramp
got in some pong after skating

swung by Kenny's to meet Turtle & grab Klich's bike
Brer getting in some cuddles after Klich made lunch.

el rampo feliz

Richard & Klich replacing and patching

Rachelle, Klich & Carson improving the scene

Klich ollies on the tall side

lien to tail transfer


and a few falls
check the video here !
Kenny biked over for his first visit - spine transfer

laying into the coping

lavendar sneaks and gruesome grip

Ken & Amy on the deck

Lucky impersonating Richard

pdx vegfest

 Part of the reason I jumped off Underpass tour, was that I saw my pal, Shanais was in town for the NW vegfest.

I saw Emiko @ Food Fight on my ride up to the convention center - Chad would be there
the Geothermal Energy expo was happening next door

Annie & Chad at the food fight headquarters
Shanias and Ally were up from Carlsbad owning the day.

loads of samples to cut and share

the hoodie didn't quite fit

thanks for the bars, Shanais, and we'll hang out in DEC!

caught a solid lecture on the importance of veganic farming
Sarah gets introduced by Christy Morgan who was MCing the fitness area

update - it's now 97% of all land animals killed for food are chickens

Brodie & Crouse - 43% of all fish caught and then released die later due to the stress of being hooked in the 1st place
 catch & release is not nearly benign as it sounds and certainly not fun for the fish

house of dreams is a cat rescue organization with cool tees
Klich & Rachelle came down to check out the fun & we hooked up later to shred.....

Underpass PDX

made the call coming out of Cougar to the Pizza Research Institute

watched em box up our masterpieces

and we killed em parkside

there was even a band playing for us at the Eugene skatepark

rode my bike up north to catch Phil & the White Glove

the opening act was cool
they even reminded me of SLINT when some pals joined them on a song
White Glove did not disappoint - Skatepark in Heaven was epic
rode back to Lovecraft with time to spare before Underpass took the stage
Alex & Dan getting it fired up

it is a goth bar and laser lights were awesome

fog machine too

trip out - UNDERPASS
 per my usual, after the show, I ran to the van to find my slumber.
linked up with the rockers in the morning to give them the devastating news

this was goodbye for now... I was bailing on the tour

and they were off without too many tears to play the last show of the tour in Olympia
sure was a fun ride being on tour/////band and skateparks and hot springs!
Underpass is going back on the road in November and it is rumored that HK may be playing a few of the dates with them. Stay tuned.....