Friday, August 9, 2013

to seward

all set for my longest ride ever. seward junction to seward 38 miles

5 miles in... lakes everywhere

9 miles in, breakfast stop at Trail Lake
12 miles in, Lake Kenai comes into view
another few miles, you see where the river enters the lake
got off the bike for a view of a train trestle

two minutes after thinking how nice it would be if a train rolled by, a train came

after crossing the river, it comes out of a tunnel under the highway on it's way to Seward
17 miles from Seward, I stopped at the Snow River Hostel

James the new caretaker gave me a tour
2 miles to Seward I had a decision to make..... Do I go 18 miles out of my way to see EXIT Glacier?  I went for it..............

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