Thursday, September 5, 2013

the book fair

arrived @ Deb's pad in Seattle and hung with Rocco

we walked Rocco to the grocery store then Deb made a wonderfully simple meal
spent the morning at MIGHTY O on the computer

ate one of their scrumptious Peach Fritters!
near Mighty O I spot this cat but he won't let me pet him

all of a sudden, this kittie comes out and wants some attention

so I oblige

on my way out, this guy walks after me and wants

some loving
stopped in CHACO CANYON for lunch & hung with my buddy, LUNCHMEAT

scooped up BOBBY and went down the Marginal Way

it's really coming along down there!
front rock into the sun
the new Judkins skatepark was next...ollie up to Smithers

JEDD from Wicked World was there.
had an interesting dinner at this benefit

then met this guy

thanks to this guy
the wax wing reunion show was interesting
seattle - where I slept by day

seattle - where I slept by night
I attended a bunch of workshop on the 1st day of the fair
not exactly the sort of affair where I felt comfortable taking photos

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